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Public folder access after moving mailbox to a different Exchange server

I've installed a second Exchange server (2003) into the same organization and same routing group as the first. Our other mail server is Exchange 2000.

I moved one mailbox to the new server for testing purposes. The problem I am having is that I cannot access or even see the public folders we have in use from Outlook. I see the root public folder but nothing else.

I took one of our public folders and added the new Exchange server to its replication list. After that I could see that one folder in Outlook.

What I need to know is there a way to see public folders on another Exchange server without having to replicate an instance to the new one or is there a way to replicate all public folders to the new server without having to do it individually on each folder?

Any help is appreciated.

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I have an Exchange 2000 server that is also my domain controller. I need to move all my exchange mailboxes off that server and put them on a different Exchange 2000 server. It is the same version but different name.

I tried the migration tool but it says it can only migrate from an exchange server from outside the domain. How can I move my databases over? I only have three. Pub1, priv1, MainEmail.

I also tried copying the databases from my old server over the databases on my new server. They mount if I allow it to override with a restore. But I don't see any usaer mailboxes if I expand those databases. I believe because the users mailbox exchange paths still point to the original Exchange servers "name" and not the new one.  I would  think they should just have a tool that allows you to move these mailboxes to another exchange server within the same domain.

Thanks for any help

Is it possible to replicate messages mail messages to a different exchange
Then in the event of exchange failure i can repoint my users to the new
server, not looking for clustering or anything like it just to limit downtime
to the minimum.

yours A


We have a strange issue after moving a users mailbox to a new Exchange server some Users are unable to get into there Calendars. At first we thought it was a server issue however we have discovered that if the user then logs onto a pc other than there own and sets up an outlook profile then it works fine.

We re installed the users machine and then they were back up and running.

In troubleshooting this we tried

Recreating Users Outloo Profile - Didnt work
Deleted there windows Profile (there all local profiles) - Didnt work
Removed and Re installed outlook - Didnt work
Ensured Cached mode was aff - didnt work
removed any OST file for user - didnt work

The fact that they can access it fine from a pc they havent used before and also re imigaing there machine tells me its somthing on the PC and not an Exchange mailbox issue (which is what the desktop team here are trying push my way)

I would have thought that killing the users windows profile would have sorted it but there must be another file or reg entry outside of the users profiles thats caching information. We have about 30 users with the same issue although we moved over 2000 mailboxes so its a small number.

Anyone have any ideas


I am just added 2 new servers running Windows 2003 SP1 and Exchange 2000 SP3
to my Windows 2000 / Exchange 2000 organization.

I then moved my mailbox to the new Exchange Server.

I can access my mailbox just fine via my Outlook client but not via OWA.

When prompted for my username and password, and I enter both the screen
refreshes like it doesn't accept my password, like it is incorrect but it

If I put my user account information in domainusername format and my
password, I get a "Page cannot be found" error.

Any ideas.

How can I move a mailbox to a different Recipient container without recreating the mailbox. This is also with in the same site.


I am trying to move mailboxes onto a server with a higher spec but when I do the mailboxes are there but I cannot access them from an Outlook client. They are however accessable via OWA

Both boxes are exchange servers with windows 2003 server Exchange 2003 server.

I am using Exchange 2003 Move Mailbox wizard and everything appears to move correctly and I get a message saying the move was successful.

I can move the mailboxes back to the orignal Information store and can again access them from an Outlook client.

The error message is "Unable to expand the folder. The set of folders could not be accessed.

Anyone come accross anything like this before?? Or anything I can try?


I need move about 200 mailbox to a new server in a different site. I will use exmerge utility. (1)How do I change the user's outlook to point to the new server without go to their desk?(some users in another city) (2)How do I create 200 mailbox on the new server, detail steps?
If anyone has any idea, I will really appreciate. Thanks so much!

I have an Exchange 2K server with OWA.
I want to move OWA to a Win 2K server with IIS 5.0. Is this possible? Must I install Exchange 2000 on my new server to use OWA?

We recently set up a new exchange server in a different domain and I am
trying to migrate my outlook calendar. I used archives to move the inbox
information and created a CSV file to move contacts but calendar loses
appointments when I try to archive and import and when I create a CSV file it
cuts off dates. I just want it all to move at one time. Any ideas?
Thanks Dave

We recently set up a new exchange server in a different domain and I am
trying to migrate my outlook calendar. I used archives to move the inbox
information and created a CSV file to move contacts but calendar loses
appointments when I try to archive and import and when I create a CSV file it
cuts off dates. I just want it all to move at one time. Any ideas?
Thanks Dave

I recently migrated from an old Exchange 2003 Server to a new Exchange
2003 server. The hardware was at its end of life so I am just moving
everything over. I followed the following KB article:;en-us;822931

Everything has gone very well, all mailbox moves were fine, public
folders have been replicated over to the new server. I have mail flow
and everything seems to be fine except for Delegate access. I did not
remove the old server, I just disabled all Exchange services and shut
the server down. When someone tries to open a Delegate's Calendar or
Inbox they get the retrieving data message in Outlook and it is looking
to the old server. I fired up the old server, started all Exchange
services and now users are able to access Delegates, but I need to
resolve this problem so I can actually remove the server. Does anyone
have any ideas? I would like to be sure that everything is funtional
before I actually uninstall Exchange from the old server. Thanks.


I have 4 users in a satellite office who connect to an Exchange 2003 server (SP1) via a site to site vpn connection (leased lines to internet at both ends).

When they initially log in and open Outlook, it says it is 'connected' and 'waiting for folder to update' in the bottom right-hand corner but then does nothing for anything between 1 and 10 minutes, after which, any new messages then appear very quickly one after another. They do not have to be large incoming messages for this to happen.

Can anyone shed any light on this or tell me what actually happens when a remote client tries to connect in this way? One thing I have noticed is that for public folder access, it is attempting to contact one of the US mail servers, rather than one of the UK servers. This involves the following:

Satellite office --sitetositeVPN--> UK HQ --sitetositeVPN--> US HQ

The satellite office does not have ping connectivity with the US HQ.

Is there any way of changing the public folder lookup that a client does? It would be far better for the UK users to lookup on UK servers. I was told by the guy who set it up (who has just left!) that it does the public folder lookup on the US server because that was the first exchange server installed in the domain. Incidentally, we have the following domain structure: - parent domain - child - child

Any advice would be greatly appreciated..

Many thanks,

Matthew Wilde
MCSE 2000 (but no Exchange MCP yet!)

I moved all mailboxes from an exchange server 2003 (with win2k and IIS 5) to a clustered exchange server 2003 (with win2003 and IIS 6) through "move mailbox" wizard. The problem is that there is no virtual directory for users on new clustered exchange server 2003 after moving to new server and also in previous server.
how can I create these folders (activate OWA for users) on new server?
meanwhile there is no option as "this is a front end server"  on my new clustered server.(Is this mean that the server is a front end server automaticly?)
I appreciate any guide.


We want to create a EX2K3 as a connector server. The server shoudn't host
any Mailbox or Public folder store. It is not possible to delete the Mailbox
store because of the System Attendant mailbox. I know that there is a way to
move the SA mailbox to a different EX2K3 server but I can't find the KB

Do you know the number of the KB article or explain me the way how to do it?




Just a quick question on public folder access. If i want to grant a user access to a public folder, does this user need to have a mailbox? At the moment users without a mailbox don't show up in the address book thus i can't seem to give them permissions on a public folder.

Is there a way to grant public folder access (not anonymous or default) to users without a mailbox?

Kind regards,

Tom Decaluwe


After moving mailbox to another server (new hardware / and in the same organization), users gets a logon screen. They must enter the username, password and domain.

I have this problem in outlook and OWA.

When we move the mailbox back , then we can logon again without enter the username/password.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Oke here's a nice problem. We have two exchange 2000 servers on different locations. 50 people moved to the other location and we moved their mailboxes. They also have project mailboxes (we also moved those to the other exchange server), on which they have Full Control, so they can send e-mails straight out of that box. And here's the problem. They don't have any permission to SEND an e-mail out of the mailbox they have Full Control on. They can open the mailbox in Outlook and read every mail.
If I enable the Send on Behalve, it works, but than you see the user who sends it.
Other people, who were created on that server, don't have that problem.
I've created an testaccount and had the same problem after moving that account to the other server. I've resetted the profile of the user and have a couple of drastic options left. So who can help me or give me some pointers to look for.

I have a growing database that has significant white space. After reading that the best way to handle it would be to move mailboxes to a new database and then drop the old one, thus reducing database size, I would like to do that. After significant searching, I've found on one who has the correct syntax to perform that specific operation. It is mentioned often, but no help with the shell script. New database on the same difficult can it be? I'm simply new enough at this that I want to be certain before I pull the trigger. Thanks!


I have seven administrative groups and am in Exchange 2000 native mode. Most of the servers are now exchange 2003. When I move a mailbox to another server in another Administrative Group, the mailbox moves successfully, but the Administrative group on the user object never updates to the new group. Any ideas?

We are looking to migrate a set of public folders from one exchange server in say domain A to a different exchange server in domain B.  I would like to know of the best method of moving these public folders with minimal disruption.  Both domains are AD and the exchange servers are 2003.  Please let me know if you need more information and I can post that info.


Is it possible to move Exch 2003 OWA to a different server than the mailbox

Hello everybody,
I have a problem with the reconnection of a mailbox, when I try to
reconnect it to a different user. This is the scenario:

1) User A has a mailbox, I disconnect it.
2) Creation of User B
3) Reconnection of mailbox of user A to user B (I have tried not only
with recovery center, but also directly through mailbox list section)

No errors appears during theese steps, but when I try to create a new
profile in outlook (I have created it only in the server, this is a
test server), I see that the mailbox of user B (or the user B?) has
not found! If I try to use Outlook Web Access, the username and
password seems to be wrong (but I am sure they are correct).

If I reconnect the mailbox to the previous User A, I see the same

Can you help me to solve this problem?

Thank You

The version is Exchange 2003

We added a 2007 server to another site. There are no mailboxes on it, and would like to move it to a different site. Is there anything special that needs to be done aside from re-addressing the network interface? Will sites and services take care of the routing part?

Our office recently installed Outlook 2003 on most computers. Some people
have noticed that when they double click on Public Folders, it will take them
to a different Pulic Folder other than the one they double clicked on,
usually sending them higher in the list. After a couple times of doing this,
it will finally display the correct one. Once the correct one is displayed,
there isn't a problem again until the Public Folders list is minimized again.
However, if they click on the plus or minus signs to display folders, this
doesn't seem to be an issue.
I have tried it myself and even double clicking, this does not happen to me.
The people it does happen to however, want to know why and how it can be
corrected, they would rather double click.
Has anyone ever seen this or know a solution to it?


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