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Server / outlook freezing problem

We have a windows 2003 SBS running exchange 2003 with about 4 users. For 3 users (all running windows xp with office 2003 or 2007) on a lan. The exchange connection is using http.

Recently whenever the users click on calendar or contacts or back to the inbox outlook freezes for several minutes. I'm going to assume since it's happening with several users it must be a server problem but I have no idea what could be causing it.

Can anyone provide me with any information on what to check or where the problem might be? I will be happy to provide any additional specific information.

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Hi, i have a strange problem.

We are using Exchange 2000 on Windows Server 2000 and our clients using Outlook 2000. When outlook 2000 tries to view the email from the system administrator (like undelivered mail or your mailbox is over it's size limit or anything sent from system administrator) outlook freezing for a long time. When it froze, i logging in from OWA and i can delete this message then outlook 2000 running normally ?

Any idea about this problem ?

Safa Tamer CEVIK

Windows 2000 Server network, Exchange 2000.

Outlook 2000 client.

One user, on the same LAN as the Exchange server, is experiencing some performance issues in Outlook lately.

She will type up an e-mail (internal or external) and send it. The Outbox will read (1), or however many new messages are in there, and the messages don't appear to send until you actually click on Outbox. At that point the number disappears and the e-mail seems to go. Or if you just wait 5 minutes or more, after a while the Outbox empties.

So, is the an Exchange message store problem? Something server-side related? Or is this a local Outlook client problem?

I haven't been able to verify this yet, but the user also says incoming e-mails can take a long time to arrive (or at least show up in her Inbox(, from when they are sent. Sometimes 15 minutes or more. To my knowledge no one else is having similar problems.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. And are there any Exchange utilities I can run on the Exchange server to sort of "defrag" the message store, to make things move faster? Thanks a lot.


I have an ISA 2004 server site-to-site VPN between two sites. At the remote site outlook freezes when it is opened. It's outlook 2000 that has all the updates and service packs on XP Pro with all the updates and services packs. We run Exchange server 2003. The problem is random.

Hi I have recently setup Exchange 2007 on SBS2008 premium.  The client computers where originally in a workgroup running outlook 2003 with POP3 accounts.  I then connected the client computers to the new domain. Before I did this I backed up the existing emails.  Once the computers were on the new domain I then ran outlook and tried to import the old emails.  Everytime I try and do this the import stops working at regular interval and outlook freezes. The CPU usage goes to around 50%  which is mainly used by outlook. The mouse icon also disappears.  The only way to recover the computer is to CTRL, ALT, DELETE and kill off outlook.  If i start outlook again the same problem occurs. I then have to kill it off again.  The only way to recover outlook is to then  go to the mail icon in the control panel and delete the temporary pesonal foilder created by outlook in the data file management section.  Once it is deleted outlook starts up normally again but the import process was not completed.  The same problem is happening on more than one client computer.  If I logon to the 2nd 2008 server standard which has office installed and run outlook the same problem happens as well.  I have tried elevating the users permission to administrator level to see if that was the problem but it did not resolve the problem.  Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this frustrating problem.  I have had to do similar tasks in SBS2003 and exhange 2003 but never had any of these problems.   Any help would be appreciated.

I am using Microsoft outlook which is connected to EXchange server.
sometimes when i send an email to a Email account and it rejectes foro any reason(Wrong user, Over Quota,...) the rejected email cause my outlook freezes,The sender is me ,so i am sure the email is not enffected , so in that case i should go to my account by web and then delete the specific email and then open the microsoft outlook,
in that case it just get the error message in Event viewer that Microsoft outlook had been hanged
any idea for the problem?

I restored my puter and I have 98SE ... I d/l IE6.0 and got my outlook 6 up
.... It was working fine, and now I go there and I can not crerate mail. reply
to and email, forward, nothing ... all I can do is read my emails and I
recieve them fine .... everytime I try to create, reply, forward, etc, my
outlook freezes up and I have to conmtrol alt delete it and reopen it .... I
wrote to Microsoft and they said that becouse I have 98se, they will not help
me with the problem, so here I am ... thanks for any help you can give me ...
by the way, I called my server and we removed all info from outlook and re
added it all back in, like starting over, and that did not help

I am using exchange server.
when I try attaching a folder or a document or an excel file from a mapped network drive using windows explorer, the outlook freezes for 3 to 5 minutes and then sends. This occurs randomly.
I would like to get a solution in order to stop freezing the outlook and take the delays.
I hope if anyone could try to give me a solution for this.

I would also like to figure out whether this happens due to some plug in issues?
According to me, I felt up to an opinion on my own that this could happen because of two reasons,

the file or folder could be opened in the background of the systemthe network connection is slow
But this is happening randomly to a particular system only and at the same time no one else i getting that kind of freezing. This happened also even by closing the folder or file in the background.
This makes me really eager to get to know the exact reason for this problem and also in figuring out a solution.
I hope anyone could help me out with this.
thank you,


Outlook 2000 SP3 with an Exchange server 2000 SP3.

When someone receive an invitation for a meeting for example, he can't neither accept, neither refuse and neither cancel. Users have an error message saying that Outlook is unable to open the form.

I found that if I clean the cache of Outlook, the problem is resolved until the user receive another invitation for a meeting.

How can I resolve this problem for good? It's really anoying to always have to clean the cache on user's computers.

Thank you.

Outlook - Calendar
Outlook freezes when using the task items
When opening the Calendar, a message pops up, saying "there was a problem reading one or more of your reminders", too. (Maybe one of them is corrupt, checked some but could not check all remotely.) Problem started some time ago. Please assist.

Hi all,

i have a strange problem with some outlook users:
When they try to open a public calendar, outlook freeze. The strange thing is, sometimes, it works fine without any freeze. Also, the problem occurs only for some users, not all.

best regards,

Summary: I am seeing Outlook pauses and recently Outlook freezes in our
Exch2003 environment.

We have a new 2003 Exchange&Domain environment. We have a 90% Office 2003
and 20% Office 2000 on the clients. Recently we have see outlook clients
have been hanging and pausing on a number of machines (without any pattern).

We have taken the following actions:

1) profiled the exchange servers. we are using regular anti virus and anti
spam updates. We cannot however see a direct correlation between the two
events. The CPU and Memory and % dis activity.
2) Check event logs of DC, increased logging on them temporarily and found
nothing useful.
3) checked eventlog of workstations and found periodic MrxSmb errors but
when i followed the link the errors were not helpful.

Can anyone suggest any other avenues of investigation?


Hi I have configured my Ms outlook 2003 to send and receive mail with IMAP and POP respectively. I cna send and receive a mail with no issues. The other thing is that I have exchange server freshly installed so it has  public folder i.e. MAPI folders. Therefore I should be able to access those folders through ms outlook, but when i click on the public folder in the navigation bar, ms outlook freezes, then nothing happens, I have to terminate the program. Why am I not able to access the public folder from MS outlook? Is there any special settings??? Please let me know. I have checked all the associated services are running well.

Hello All,

I'm in the final stages deploying an Exchange 07 server in my organization and ran into this issue after moving a couple users for testing from our Exchange 03 server. 

At random, the server will freeze, the drive activity light is on solid, Outlook clients give an error connecting to the server, and I'm unable to RDP into the server - I can still however, ping both network cards (internal/external).  On the actual machine, the screen saver is running and hitting the keyboard brings you to the grey Windows Server 2k3 background but the mouse won't move.  CTRL-ALT-DEL does nothing and I need to hit the reset button to bring the server back up.

After reboot, there is nothing in the event logs indicating an error or warning.  I'm a little perplexed by this - but it seems to happen when there is more activity on the unit.  I've tried all the usual disk/memory scan tools as well as ran Prime95 for ~ 12 hours without fail.  I'm out of ideas, any suggestions on where to start looking next?

The hardware specs are:  Tyan S3992 Mobo
                                       AMD Opteron 2212 2.0Ghz
                                       2GB DDR2 Registered/ECC Ram
                                       WD Raptor 74GB
                                       500W Power supply

The software specs are:  Windows Server 2k3 R2
                                     Exchange Server 2k7
                                    All windows updates installed

Im doing a project in school were the main goal is to install a mailserver witch should be accessable from the outside via outlook anywhere.

This is how it looks:

Server 1 - DC
Server 2 - DNS
Server 3 - Firewall(pfsense)
Server 4 - Exchange 2010, mailbox, hub transport -
Server 5 - Exchange 2010, client access -

I have created a selfsigned cert and its working properly. I can access my mailbox from the outside with the web app. So far so good.

But when I try and get my outlook to access my mailbox via outlook anywhere I cant get it to work.
When I create my email account in outlook 2010, I get to the point were outlook establish network connection, search for server settings, log on to server. Everything checks out.

Then I hit "manually configure server settings. The problem here is that the autofilled boz with "server:" is filled with the hostname from server 4, so and not were I have client access installed on.

So when I open outlook again, it just says that It cant conntact the server.

I have no idea what could be the problem.

Were should I start to look? DNS error?

I had a thread going about this a couple months ago but I'm still having the same problem.

During backup whether using NT Backup or a 3rd party software the back end Exchange server completely freezes up, becomes unresponsive and I'm forced to hard boot the server. This doesn't happen every time, approx 1 out 5 times the server freezes up. The priv1.edb files is > 11.5  GB

Still looking for answers

I have Office 2003 on a Windows 7 computer.

About 5 or so months ago, Outlook started acting very strange and just recently it's acting stranger. It had been acting fine for about 10 or so months. Here are the things it's doing and below that are the things my IT and I have tried to no avail.
When I close Outlook, it won't close all the way so I have to CTR + ALT + DEL and close it from Processes in Task Manager. When I click Contacts or Tasks, the screen shows my Inbox. We have to right click and choose, "open in a new window" for the contacts to come up. Don't think Tasks will show up. All of a sudden, whole lines of emails in my Inbox will disappear and then the Outlook freezes and I parts of the program disappear and I have to close it through Task Manager. I had all my regularly used folders set to View > Reading Pane > bottom and Outlook set them to "off". I used to be able to catch an email in the Sent box, open it, edit it and then click Send again and the email would be sent. Now, if I open and edit it, click send, it will not send no matter what I do. It does not turn italic either which indicates it's being sent. I'm sure there's more but can't think of anything else right now..... What we've done:
IT has done a full diagnostic and found a couple of things out of date that he updated but nothing else. Problems still happening. He asked if I did an upgrade from Vista to W7 and think I did the first time but it didn't work so I'm pretty sure I had to do a complete W7 install not an upgrade the second time. We've uninstalled Outlook and reinstalled several times.
Thank you so much for your help in advance!

Every time I try to open one of my inboxes my outlook freezes. I am on an
IBM laptop using Windows XP and Outlook 2003. I am having my AOL mail
downloaded to my outlook. I had trouble with it a while back and thought it
was due to my internet connection. After getting high speed DSL, the problem
seemed to clear up, but now for the past two weeks it is back to how it was
before and extremely aggravating. I just archived old items and this did
nothing. Each time I go to open an inbox my outlook gets frozen with a
message on the bottom pane "downloading hierarchy." Any help would be
Thank you.

Hello, I have a little bit of a problem and would appreciate any help I
could get. I have a user running MS Office 2003 on a Dell PC with
Windows 2000 Pro. The machine is a P4 with 512 mb of ram. Every time
the user opens an email and prints, it will print with no problem, but
once she goes to close the open email, Outlook freezes and shuts down,
stating "Outlook has encounter a problem and must shutdown". It will
restart with no errors, but does the exact same thing every time. I
first removed the user profile, and rebuilt it, but did no good. I then
uninstalled the entire Office suite and reinstalled, still no good. I
made sure that all hot fixes and service packs were installed. I then
removed the network printer, thinking it could be something with the
printer, and installed a local printer on the LP port, same result. If
any one has any suggestions or ideas as to what might be causing this I
would be very grateful for any help.

Thank you.

THis afternoon three of our networked officice computers started encountering
a problem with MS Outlook. The problem happend on two of our computers but
not two other computers.

The problem started with Outlook freezing (Not Responding). When we force
quit Outlook and tried to restart we get an error message that reads:

Microsoft Office Outlook has encountered a problem and needs to close. We
are sorry for the inconveinince.

If you were in the middle of something, the information you were working on
might be lost.

For more information about this error, click here.

Debug Close

If I select "click here" Is get:

Microsoft Office Outlook
error signature
AppName: outlook.exe AppVer:11.0.8010.0 ModName: ntdll.dll
ModVer: 5.1.2600.2180 Offset: 000111cd
To view technical information about the error report, click here.

I can post the log if that is helpful.

What is causing this problem?

What can I do to fix it?

Thank you,

Using Outlook 2003 with Vista - I'm running into a problem with the Signature
selector (Tools > Options > Mail format tab > Signature). The moment I hit
the Signature button at the bottom of this dialog box, Outlook freezes and if
left alone for too long brings the dreaded BLUE screen. Anyone know a
solution for this?!


I don't even click on the links, only scroll over them and outlook freezes.

Ever happen to you?

Any idea what the problem may be?

Couldn't find anything in support.

Outlook 2003 sp3



We are running exchange server 2003 and clients are using Outlook 2007. When
I add a new user to the network Outlook configures the new user account in
the domain on the client. The user can receive messages but when trying to
reply the office button flashes and Outlook freezes up. This is only
happening on new user accounts. Help is appreciated.

After I add a task my outlook freezes. Using task manager to shut down
outlook doesnt fix the problem, because the next time I run outlook it
freezes when I click the Tasks folder. I have to sync with my mobile delete
the tasks to get outlook to work again.

Outlook freezes straight after launching.
The Outlook window appears, my email messages load, then my Tasks appear,
then they (Tasks) disappear.
Then the mouse cursor disappears whenever I try to move it over the Outlook
pane (as though the cursor is disappearing under it).
Sometimes I get an error message saying “Another application has the Switch
Identities or Identity Login dialog showing. Choose an Identity in that
dialog before launching this application again.”
Nothing responds. If I right-click on the Outlook button on the Toolbar, the
“Restore...Minimize...Close” dialog appears, but none of the choices does
Ctrl_Alt_Del => Windows Task Manager shows Outlook “Running” and “End Task”
shuts it down immediately.
I’ve tried
1. Diabling virus scanning and firewall (Kaspersky)
2. Uninstalling the only Add-In (Cloudmark Desktop)
3. Running “Outlook Repair” (when it wasn’t quite as bust as it is now)
4. Repairing Office from the Installation DVD
5. Removing and re-installing Office (twice) from the Installation DVD
6. Starting Outlook in “Safe Mode” from Start/Run
7. Going back to a Restore Point – but these only go back 3 days, and I’ve
been wrestling with the problem for over two weeks now.
8. Repairing/tidying the Registry (with Max Registry Cleaner)
9. Requesting free “support” from Microsoft. But they want the Product ID
Number which their downloaded app can’t retrieve, and I can’t get at because
Outlook won’t start...
None of these makes any discernible difference.

I wonder if it’s some sort of display problem, because the Outlook window
gets sort of “carved up” when I open other application windows over it.
My outlook.pst file is 236MB.
Everything else – including all my other Office 2007 apps – works just like
I’m running Win 97 Pro with all updates installed – (I believe: I have
Automatic Updates turned on). Since everything else continues to work as
before, I presume details of my hardware are irrelevant, but if they can help
anyone to help me, I’ll gladly post them.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

Any help much appreciated.

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