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Best Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus for Exchange Server

Hi All,
What do you think is the best Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus program fro Exchange
Server 2003?
Staying away from Symantec & McAfee.
Anyone has the Trend Micro one running?
Thank you for all your opinions.

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What's everyone using, in the 25-99 exchange account arena, for anti-spam
and anti-virus? I tried Microsoft's free anti-spam engine for exchange
2003, but man, I was flaggin simple, client based emails, and a 89%
probability spam and losing them...

I need to get something in place relatively quick though.

Any suggestions?

Can anyone recommend the Antivirus software for Exchange Server 2003? I am thinking about the Antivirus 9.0 Corporation edition? anybody? Thanks for help

For a Non-Commercial 4 to 5 user Home Hosted Server that can deal with Spam/Virus for Exchange Server 2003 that is free or close too???????

I am looking for a Anti-Spam solution for Exchange 2003 in spanish.
Anyone have used any good ones?

Dear all:

I would like to ask which of applications/solutions for anti-spam mail are
best on exchange 2000 server.
Many outlook users was complaining many spam mail are received dialy.


What are peopleÆs recommendations for software products that combine Spam Protection and Anti-Virus for Exchange Server 2003? I have used Trend Micro on Exchange 2000, but only for anti-virus which worked well.
I'm looking for one product or two products we are talking 150 users.
Also, does anyone know any product that can allow me to exclude certain users from general file attachment blocking and or Spam Protection?

Should we load file level anti-virus software on our exchange server or not.
It seems that you have to exclude so many directories that it's almost
pointless. We're also worried about performance issues as well.

Currently this exchange server has the following services open through our


Also, does anyone know of the best file level anti-virus software for
exchange server.

Do you have to run the Anti Virus program just for Exchange servers? If so,
do you have to uninstall other versions of Symantec products then Install
the Exchange products.
Or can this just be put on the server?


Getting ready to rollout Exchange 2003 SP2 at our location this week and the last piece of the puzzle that I need i anti-virus for Exchange itself.

I have Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware for the desktop clients, but just need something for exchange. Looking at the awards section on this site, the 3 I
See that have awards are:

GFI MailSecurity
SurfControl E-mail filtering
Symantec Mail Security for Exchange

Since I only need this for one Exchange server, is one better than the other? I'm a little concerned about Symantec, as I used to run their Corporate symantec anti-virus solution and I hated it.

I appreciate all recommendations.


Can you offer me best antivirus and spam program for exchange with your experience???


We have been using Antigen's anti-virus for exchange for many years, but due to huge price increase since Microsoft purchased them we are going to change.  Any suggestions for an exchange environment of 12,000+ mailboxes?

Can anyone suggest a method for spam control for the exchange server. A good spam blocker? I've had an exchange/mail crash recently caused by bulk mail.

Hi Guys

We have an E2K server with 1.5GB RAM installed. Now I know this has been discussed before > Store.exe is currently using around 900MB of RAM, obviously due to the dynamic buffer allocation. The server only had 512MB installed up until several days ago when I decided to upgrade to 1.5GB. We don't seem to be having any problems with major server slowdown and this server has other apps installed such as SQL and SAV CE, Veritas BENT etc. As I say, the ram usage 'seems' to be fluctuating around 'ok' for the moment and there hasn't been a detrimental effect (fingers crossed) on server performance with regards to mail use/outlook etc. Just hope things stay this way. Am I right in saying the /3GB switch is only effective with Win2k Advanced Server?

Finally, What is the best swap file setup for our server given the 1.5GB we have installed? Just want things to run as smooth as possible. I heard the old '2.5 x physical ram' theory is bit redundant these days ??

Our Server Spec >>>
Intel STL2 / Dual PIII 999mhz
Windows 2000 server (SP4)
Exchange Server (SP3)
Veritas Backup Exec 8.6
SQL 2000
Symantec AntiVirus Server Corp Ed v8

I have Symantec Mail security for SMTP installed in front of my exchange server 2003 server with SP2. This front-end mail gateway scans & filters imconing email only & forwards good mails to the Exchange server. I do not want to scan outgoing mails from the organisation. I publish the exchange server thru ISA server 2004 w/sp3 which listens on INTERNAL, PERMITER & EXTERNAL networks. I have set IMF & Sender IF filtering on internet SMTP virtual server.
I have setup DNS ....... MX records as foll:
0 MX........... ( Symantec Mail security)
10 MX......... (Exchange server)

My Outlook users use as their outgoing SMTP server
Is this the right config as i still find some SPAM entering our exchange server.

Hello all!

Microsoft has released a new set of tools for Exchange server:
- ExPTA - Performance troubleshooting analyzer
- ExPFDAVAadmin - Public folders management tool
- ExDRA - Disaster recovery analyzer
- ExBPA - New version of Best practices analyzer

All tools are available at, as
well as at

Enjoy ;)

Karel E. Florian
Regional Program Manager for Exchange
Microsoft Czech & Slovak

Does anyone know of free anti-spam software for exchange 2000? Microsofts site says to Download the 60-day trial of Mail Essentials for Exchange/SMTP and that the anti spam feature is not limited for 60 days, and this feature can be used to eliminate the EXPLORER worm virus. Does anyone know if this is true? Can I use the trial version just for anti-spam for as long as I want?Thanks for any information you can give me.Amy

I have just written an Anti-Spam Application for Microsoft Exchange / SMTP (Win2K/XP). I am offering a FREE version in order to get the Application known. Those of who want to try it can download it (without registration) at where the full details can be viewed. SpamSafe is fairly unique as it relies heavily on "Regular Expressions" to Filter Email. It comes with ready-to-use Filters and RBL s (Remote Blacklists) Filters already installed. Each and every Filter can be Enabled and Disabled on the fly. The commercial version (FREEWARE version available) is marketed as Rentware (The price reflected is the monthly fee). When you consider how quickly software goes out of date Rentware is the perfect option. No Capital outlay. no upgrades to buy, just a small subscription. You will NEVER be asked to pay "a little extra" to get the next release. The entire application is about 2MB in size.

Dear All,

I have to develop software for exchange server backup/restore (edb, stm, chk, and log). I have good experience in software development. But, new to Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010 development.

I would like to choose C++ programming language for development. Is it right?

Please suggest good book for development.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Al Ain.

Hi all,

Are there any 3rd party application for Exchange (2000 and 2003) that can issue Challenge response? We currently use GFI mail security but we are becoming increasingly despondent with it's performance and inability to separate spam from real mail and vice versa, even with baysian filtering setup and enabled.
Many thanks



I am wondering if you all can suggest some good forums for Exchange server. I would like this post to have a list of the best forums and discussion boards for Exchange!


I am currently researching anti-spam products for Exchange 5.5. The company is cheap but needs to placate the vocal users complaining about spam.

So far the only one I've found that they will even consider buying is Nemx Powertools for Exchange.

Anyone have any favorite, cheap anti-spam products that work well at the server level?

From what I've seen so far testing Nemx it slows down mail processing through the IMC considerably.

Thanks and regards,


when I try to install SP2 for Exchange server 2003 an error message pops up

"....An earlier version of the Exchange Intelligent Message Filter
has been detected on this system and this earlier version must be uninstalled
before applying Service Pack 2."

but when I go to Add/Remove programs in the control panel I could not find
any earlier version of the Exchange Intelligent Message Filter installed.

Can anyone please help me solving this problem ?


     any one help me for Exchange Server 2003 Virtual Labs. In TechNet there is Exchange Server 2007 so where i can fine link for Exchange Server 2003.

Has anyone used an inexpensive spam blocker for exchange or has anyone figured out how to configure Exchange to check to verify dns for spamming?


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