Help Please, I can not see First Storage Group anymore

I was trying to import pst info using exmerge and it did not work because of
permissions. I went into Exch Server manager under the server to changed the
permissions for admin. Now the First Storage Group is missing under the
server section. I DL the support tools and used ASDIedit to view but I'm not
sure what to fix.

Is there a way to reset exchange server permissions back to default? I tried
running reinstall for SBS exchange from ARP but I could not.

What are my options?

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We have an organization Exchange 2003, my question is: 

As I can add a second storage group in one of the servers?? 

Thank you and greetings


New to exchange and i have configured my server and can see the mails in the mailbox however i can not see the mails in either outlook or via OWA.

Any help greatly appreciated.

When I am navigating through the System Manager for Exchange 2003 on Server
2003, I get to the First Storage Group, and as soon as I try to view anything
within that container, an error is displayed -
"An unknown error has occurred"
ID no: 80040d1b
Exchange System Manager

I just took this site over, and cannot view any mailboxes, etc within that
group. This is nothing special as far as configuration goes. Full text
indexing has not been run as far as I know.
There is limited information on this error, and all relates to gatherer
folders not matching the registry settings, but this has been ruled out, as
the paths are all correct.
Any help from anyone who has seen this error would be appreciated. I can't
seem to find anyone in the product team that can help, short of recovering
the installation through emergency restore.

I can not see received tasks in reading pane (view-reding pane options is
turn on) . I could see received messages in reding pane but when someone send
me task i can't see it in reding pane.
Could someone help me? Thank you

Hello ... In my "Sent-Mail" box I can not see who I have sent emails to ... Ie - I can see the "To" field but it is blank.

When I highlight an email and then move off that email the name appears in the "To" box. This is very annoying and I would be very grateful for any assistance.

Thanking you in advance.

I am attempting to set up my Outlook 2007 client to run a rule against
messages with a specific subject that will in turn run a macro to export the
body to a local file that will be used for input by Powershell. Here is a
copy of the macro I pulled from the web.

' (C) Dmitry Sotnikov
' Add this to your Outlook macros project
' Then associate SaveAsText with a rule procesing
' emails from your address with a keyword in subject

' This is to have a Sleep function in Outlook
Declare Sub Sleep Lib "kernel32" (ByVal dwMilliseconds As Long)

' The main function saving the script email as text
' and sending back the transcript
Sub SaveAsText(MyMail As MailItem)
' Export email (with PowerShell script in body) as a text file
MyMail.SaveAs "c:scriptsoutlook.ps1", olTXT

' Create a response email
Dim reMail As Outlook.MailItem
Set reMail = MyMail.Reply

' wait till transcript is available
Set fs = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
While Not fs.FileExists("C:Scriptsemail_transcript.txt")
Sleep 1000

' attach the transcript and send it back
reMail.Attachments.Add "C:Scriptsemail_transcript.txt"
End Sub

When this added in the VBA Editor. I can not see this when I attempt to run
a macro. If I create a new test macro with out an argument defined with sub.
I can see it fine and run the macro all day.

Sub HelloWorldMsgBox()
MsgBox ("Hello World")
End Sub

To make this worse. I have no VBA experience so troubleshooting this has
been very difficult.

When you reply please keep it simple and feel free to talk down to me.... :-)

can any one help me I can not send any email with photo's attachaed in a email

Hi all,

I just moved several users from exchange 2003 to exchange 2007. Also,
update OAB server to exchange 2007 server. But, when I test scheduling
meetings, I can not see the free/busy info of exchange 2003 users and
exchange 2003 users can not see the exchange 2007 users' free/busy info.

How should I troubleshoot this?

Thank you!

Hi all,

I just moved several users from exchange 2003 to exchange 2007. Also,
update OAB server to exchange 2007 server. But, when I test scheduling
meetings, I can not see the free/busy info of exchange 2003 users and
exchange 2003 users can not see the exchange 2007 users' free/busy info.

How should I troubleshoot this?

Thank you!

I can not see all of the appointments for a day when viewing my month's calendar.  Also I can not see any numerical dates on my month's calendar

I can't see send/receive icon anymore. Also in Calendar I cannot see 'invite
attendee' icon and the send option doesn't appear when I add attendees
through the scheduling tab.

Hi All,
I have an Exchange 2003 (2-node) cluster with SP1. It was working fine. Recently I installed Windows 2003 SP1. To troubleshoot a problem I just made all resources including disks offline and it hanged. I tried to dismount the storage but it hanged again. Then I restarted the node and now Cluster Administrator can not show anything. I have started all exchange and cluster services manually except MTA. MTA can not be started. The main reason is it can not access to the disk resources. The storage disks status is raw. I can not mount it from Exchange System Manager. It is greyed. How can I mount the exchange storage? How could it be possible to see cluster status from Cluster Administrator?
What can I do now? Please help. If I need to remove exchange cluter then how can I do that since I can not see any cluster resources. Please help me.

I put the outlook 2007 beta in my computer
I receive and send the messagens ok
but when I receive the messagens I just can see the attachaments no
write messagens, maybe the messagens is block I don not know
I received but I can see what is write in the messagens
If someone can help me thanks a lot

I can not find the solution to this problem. I have a calendar that when I share it with person "a" it works OK, but when I share it with person "b" they can see the calendar, but none of the events are on the calendar. Please help! Thank you, Steve


I am currently using Exchange 2003 with Exchange SP1. When I add a new user, I can not see it in the GAL or in Users & Computers. This problem has been going on for some time now even before the implementation of SP1.

The way we have been resolving the situation is by rebooting the computer. Only then will we have an appearance of the new user in the GAL and in Users and computers.

When examining the event viewer we do not see any errors.

A comment had been made that the recipient update service is not functioning properly.

Any help from the community will be greatly appreciated!


Hi all,

I've got a problem with mail sent to a distribution group causing a loop,
but i can't see why:

Here's the setup:
A have an Exchange 2003 server talking to Lotus Notes via a Notes connector
- dirsync and email flow are working.

If I create a user in Notes, dirsync creates the mail-enabled contact in AD
and I can mail the Notes user fine from Outlook.

I've now created a distribution group in AD, which also appears in the Notes
GAL thanks to dirsync. The distribution list contains a couple of the Notes
mail-enabled contacts.

If I mail the Notes users directly OR by using the group from Outlook, the
mail turns up in the Notes user's accounts fine. BUT if I try and send to the
group from a Notes user I get a delivery failure: "Message cancelled because
it was looping through the network [MAPI Reason Code: 1, MAPI Diagnostic Code

It seems as though the message leaves the notes system, is received by
Exchange and the recipients expanded, then the looping occurs when the
delivery is attempted back to Notes.

The delivery failure report contains "your document was not delivered to:"
and then an expanded list of the users, stating their correct Notes addresses.

I can't see what'c causing the looping - can anyone help me?

The reason I'm doing this is that I want Exchange to control my Domino
Distribution Lists before a notes-to-exchange migration

Thanks for any help you can give..

Brand new to exchange 2003.

We have just started to upgrade from 5.5 to 2003. Users that are still on
the 5.5 can see ohter users free/busy times but users on the 2003 server can
not see anyones free/busy time.

any sugestions on were to look? I am the back up to the Admin who is
currently out and i am fresh out of class. (No wise cracks about me havinG
no class ;) )

Thanks for any help.

hi guys,

   i have an exchange 2003 server behind ISA 2000, i have all software to prevent spam, and am not a spammer when i make the dnsstuff test.
i faced a problem in sending e-mails to the so i created a new SMTP connector to enable the HELO instead of the EHLO and it worked now what am facing is i can not receive andy mail from a specific domain and it always open a session for a long time (up to 600 Sec.) in the current session for the virtual SMTP server.
any one please can help me with this. cuz i can send e-mail to that domain and they just receive it immediately but still i can not receive from their side.
thanx a lot


I have two storage groups on my Exchange 2000 server, First Storage Group and one called NWS. Under the NWS storage group I have 4 databases and a public folder created. The users who have mailboxes under the NWS storage group are unable to access the public folders in the First Storage Group, which makes for a problem as they can't access the Schedule + Free/Busy calendar. The public folder for the NWS storage group doesn't have a Schedule + Free/Busy calendar entry.

I have moved a few mailboxes from former employees into the First Storage Group to test and they work fine and can see the calendars of those who are in the NWS storage group.

So I am looking for a way to allow the second storage group to access the first storage group's public folders without having to move all the mailboxes.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!