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linking exchange servers on seperate domain


is it possible for two exchange servers (one is 2003, one will be 2007 unless this will make things harder), each on a seperate domain (with a two way trust) to be set up to deliver mail to mailboxes on the other server?

I'll try to sum up what is happening....basically our company is splitting in two and we have to set up two totally seperate networks, so one company remains on the current domain and the other gets an all new one that can potentially be totally independant (but the exchange servers will be at the same site for mail delivery for the time being).  So i've set up a new domain, and created a trust between the two domains (until we're ready to seperate them) and I'm about to setup the exchange server on the new domain.  Will I be able to set up a 'connector' so that while email is still delivered to exchange server1 on domain 1, i will be able to migrate/create mailboxes on exchange server2 and have mail passed on to that server, in the same way that you can when you have 2 exchange servers on the same domain?
then once all staff from 'company2' are running on the domain2, i would direct the mail straight to exchange server2 and break the trust/connections between the domains.

does this make any sense? :)

hope someone can help.

PS: I was thinking of installing exchange 2007 on the new server/domain, but if this is going to make what I want to do more difficult/impossible then it's no problem installing exchange 2003, though i'd rather know soon before i start installing it!

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We are going to be setting up a child domain, and there is a chance that there will be a separate Exchange server on that domain. The Powers That Be want a seamless address book so that the people on the parent domain can send to people on the child domain via the address book, and vise versa. They _also_ want the address book to be dynamically updated when the child domain admins make a change to their Exchange server.

Is there _any_ way that this can be done? My gut says no, but I figured I'd ask before dashing their hopes.

does exchange 2000 have the ability to provide redundency. in other words , 2 exchange servers on same domain and same subnet, if server1 goes offline can the second server start serving users assigned to 1st server. this is feasable with ISA servers via dns a host record, tried the same with a host record and mx record pointing to bother exchange servers, but this did not work. so other then clustering and creating virtual server is there a way to do this with the enterprise version of exchange 2k

Hi All
Our exchange server 2003 seperately install.Domain is seperately install  "". we want to move exchange server2003 on a new installed domain. Is it poosible to modify the connect the old exchange server with new domain. If anyone know about that plz share that or send me any link of details.

Hello Everybody,

I have a domain controller installed with windows 2003 server and exchange server on it. Now that our organization got increased I had to install a child domain. I installed exchange server only with by running domain prep and setup. But the problem is I am unable to send any exchange server mail from parent server users to
Child domain users. But users from child domain can send mail to parent domain users. And in child domain exchange server services are automatically disabling. And in child domain server system manger the mail box of parent server is not mounted.

Thanks & waiting for your valuable reply,

Girish .M
ISM Technologies

We have a client who logs into our company domain. But he needs to be
connected to a exchange server in another domain (our parent company domain)
using outlook. The domains are located phisically in the same building and on
a single LAN. Can anyone suggest how this can be done.


Our Company is using the Windows Server 2003, Exchange Server 2003 and
Outlook 2002.

The client does not need to connect to our exchange server only the parent
company exchange server.

I have a functional exchange 2003 running on windows 2003on a windows 2000 network, if I install a second exchange server on my domain will it sinc with the first one.

I have installed a new SBS2003 server on the same private subnet as my
exisiting network that already has an exchange server configured. The SBS
Server is configured as a completely seperate domain/forest with Exchange
running. Everything seems to be working ok on the new SBS except sending mail
to and from the other domain. All other emails get sent and delivered ok.
Bother domains are using the same Cisco firewall as the router out on Road
runners network. Both have unique live ips routed to the server. How can I
get mail to be delivered between the two domains? TIA

Hi Guys.
We have an existing Exchange 2k3 site that is going through some expansion.
We are looking at setting up a second system to allow access for affiliates to POP3 to.
We woul like to keep the POP3 email addresses and internet access separate to the LAN users. However, they would all have email
addresses at the same .com domain.

Can we push certain user's mail to a 2nd Exchange server (via a LAN)?
We are trying to separate the POP3 users and the lan users internet access, for bandwith reasons.

Our idea is that all domain email comes into server A via Internet connection1.
Lan user's email is forwarded to serverB (existing DC) via a LAN connection, whilst POP 3 user's mail is held on serverA for
retrieval via Internet connection1.
LAN users have their mail client connected to ServerB and outgoing mail from server B is out it's own Internet connection, via
Internet connection2.

I did not really want to set up all the POP3 users on Active D on serverB.
What is the best way to do this?
Run 2 domains and just forward some mailboxes?
Exchange Replication? (Whatever that involves).
Any thoughts on this one?
Jeff Davies

I hope that one of you can help me here, we have just created a new Win2k Domain with AD, our users are on this new domain, our old exchange 5.5 is still on our old domain, I have built a new exchange 2000 server on the new domain. Right my problem here is how can I have both of them running together so they can see each other, I want to do a gradual transition from exchange 5.5 to 2000. There is already a trust relationship between both domains.

hi, friends,

can i install the exchange server on a backup domain server of win2000?

i try this, but the adc does not work?
help me

I want to install a test exchange server on an already established Exchange enabled domain.  Once completed testing the goal is to add another exchange server, based on trial and errors of test exchange, to domain.  What would be the best way to perform this without affect the other exchange server? 


Hello everyone,
I just install second Exchange 2000 Enterprise version on child domain controller,then I got problem about moving mailbox to second storage. when I use exchange task..move mailbox... on Active Directory ,it can't move any mailbox from first storage to second storage.

First exchange server is Windows 2000 server ADC,forest root ,DNS ,Global Catalog,Operation master.

Second exchange server is Windows 2000 server child domain controller, Global Catalog,DNS.

Could someone please help me!

Hello guys, I am new with exchange I would like to know if some one have done the migration of SBS 2003 Exchange to Windows 2003 Exchange Server on different domain name.

Current domain server.mycompany.local ( sbs 2003)
New Domain ( exchange server 2003)

I was checking the procedures how to do the migration SBS 2003 to Exchange server with a the same domain name. However I am not sure how it will be in my case. If some one can help me please let me know.

Dear Friends.
i have exchange 2000 server running in my windows 2000 root domain. my company wants me to install a 2nd Exchange Server in the Branch Office in the Child Domain of an existing Root Domain.
i have a test lab . i created a win2k root domain named,Installed an exchange 2000 member server in gct. it is working fine.
i created a child domain namely
Added a 2nd Exchange Server to my child domain.
i can see the RUS of the 2nd Exchage server in the Exchange System Manager of the Exchange Server in the Root domain.Both these Domains are on the same subnet.
i can send mails from the mailboxes from any computer from my root domain to the mailobxes created on the 2nd Exchange server on my child
domain i.e test.gct.
but i cannot send the mails from the mailoboxes created on the 2nd Exchange Server from my child domain to the mail boxes on my root domain.
the error is.From: System Administrator
To: fasahat
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2004 3:33 PM
Subject: Undeliverable: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)
Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients.

Sent: 10/14/2004 3:33 PM

The following recipient(s) could not be reached:

fasahat on 10/14/2004 3:33 PM
The e-mail system was unable to deliver the message, but did not report a specific reason. Check the address and try again. If it still fails, contact your system administrator.

Dc03 is my win2k PDC as well my 2nd Exchange Server on my child Domain.
if i create a user on the domain controller on the child domain, i cannot give him enterprise admin rights,schema admin rights. i cannot find these options in the member of tab. in my child can i set up permissions and user rights for the users created on the child domain.
i need your help.

Hi, I have a Windows 2000 Exchange server which also is my domain server. That runs fine.

I want to add a second Windows 2000 exchange server to this domain. I installed the second server with exchange 2000 on it and set it up.

I am having some problems so I believe maybe I did not set something up properly on my second server. If anyone has link to instrustions on setting up a second exchange server to the same domain plese let me know. 

Here are my problems. 

I can create new users with exchange emailboxes that are located on my second server. I am able to send emails out ok. But I can not recieve any emails from the outside. I can send emails to myself though and they do get recieved from my same account.

I can't "move" my exchange mailboxes from my first exchange server to my second one that I added on. It connects to my intial exchange server but it gives error that it can't connect to my second server and says:

Error: Connecting to source server.
The attempt to log on to the Microsoft Exchange Server computer has failed.
The MAPI provider failed.
Microsoft Exchange Server Information Store
ID no: 8004011d-0512-00000000

I am not sure if these two issues are caused by something I didn't setup right or not. If someone knows how to resolve these issues or has a link that explains how to setup a second exchange server please let me know.


I have 3 interfaces on my pix firewall, outside, inside and dmz. I recently installed a microsoft exchange server 2003 on the dmz interface. I want to join the exchange server to the domain which is in the inside interface, but it won't let me. Is this something I have to allow on the pix?


First let me explain my setup.
I have two domain controllers for two different offices. of which one is currenty having exchange installed. both the office uses the same mail server. currently i have to add domain users to exchange for the second domain for mailing.

What i am planing to do is.
I want install the exchange server on a different server handing both domain controllers & users. so that there is no need to add users again. domain users can be automatically authenticated & mail box should be created for the users automatically on the exchange server.

Is it possible Henrik Walther?? if yes then how it can be done?

Any sort of help is higly appreciated.


I am rather new on W2K/Exchange and need some help. I have one branch
office with a W2K3 domain called which is a part of the
company's forest. In there is one Exchange Server 2003
running, with administrative group called AG-ABC which is part of
Company's Exchange Organization.

There is one business unit that will be joined to the AD of that
branch office. For some reasons, I want to create a child domain for
this business unit,

My questions are:

1. Will members of Domain Admins group of have full access on
the child domain's resources?
There are certain resources in child domain that need to be kept
secret, anyone from parent domain is not allowed to access it. How do
I prevent Parent's Domain Admins from accessing secret resources?

2. If I install Exchange Server on, can it join the same
Exchange administrative group?

Would appreciate if anyone can give me insight on this.

Hi all,
I'm adding another exchange server to the domain, migrating everything to
the new one, and decommissioning the old one after.
I have a couple of questions:

1- Do I need to run /forestprep and /domainprep if I already have an
exchange 2k3 server in the existing domain?

2-My existing exchange server is in a cluster. When I try to open “Migration
Wizard”, I get a “Mailmig.exe – unable to locate DLL”.
Is it possible the DLLs needed to run mailmig are on my shared clustered
hard drive and not the local hard drive? How do I get around this?

3-After I remove the old E2K3 server, do I need to do something to clean up
Active Directory?

Any help with be appreciated.
Thank you.

I have a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller on my network and recently
I tried to add Exchange 2003 to a seperate 2003 role server I have on my
network. The install did not seem to go right so (because I am just testing
it out) I completely reformatted my role server and reloaded Server 2003 and
then tried to load Exchange on it again. I told Exchange setup that it was
the first Exchange Server on the domain but for some reason the old Exchange
setup was still in my Active Diectory on my Domain Controller somehow. Is
ther a way I can get that initial setup out of my Active Directory so that I
can try and install a fresh Exchange setup on my role server????

I have an Exchange 5.5 server on Domain X, my backup server is on Domain Y.

I'm using ARCserve v9.0 to backup my servers and ARCserve's Exchange Agent is installed on my Exchange Server.

ARCserve suggest that in order to backup an Exchange Server, on Domain X, using a backup server from Domain Y, that Microsoft Exchange Administrator be installed on the backup server and, you then log on to the backup server with a username and password that match those used for logging in to the Exchange server.

I have installed Microsoft Exchange Administrator on the backup server but, due to other applications running on the backup server, cannot login to this server with diferent credentials. Is there a service that is installed with Microsoft Exchange Administrator, that can be configured to run under different credentials?

Any help at all on this would be much appreciated.

We have a dying 2000 server with Exchange 2003 on it. We built a 2008 R2 server and installed Exchange 2010. It saw that there was already a 2003 Exchange server and did whatever it needed to do to finish the install.

I need to know how to remove the 2003 Exchange installation and setup 2010 so it's the default Exchange server (and ONLY Exchange server) on the domain. Then I need to get Outlook 2003 to use this 2010 server as the mail host (currently if I try to change the Exchange server to the 2010 server Outlook changes back to the 2003 Exchange server.)

There will only be one mail server and it will be the 2010 server. Any help is appreciated.

We were recently acquired and I am tasked with migrating our Exchange 2003 infrstructure ot the new parent company domain.

My Domain is Server 2003 Exchange 2003.  The new Domain is Server 2003, no Exchange.  There is a two-way trust.

I am not able to secure a second server for migration purposes and must transfer the current server intact to the new domain.  Does anybody know if this will work?

Run setup /forestprep on the Forest Root Schema Master
Run seyup /domainprep on the Target Domain
Migrate users using ADMT
Apply appropriate permissions from the new domain to the Exchange server
Change the domain membership of the Exchange server from the old domain to the new one.

I would be happy to hear any feedback or criticism of this plan.  I am looking for a successful migration with minimal downtime.

Thanks in Advance.

Could anyone point in the right direction.

We have Exchange 2003 on one domain, we have just another domain setup, next month we are getting Exchange 2007 installed on the new domain.

Am hoping trusts will be setup between the two domains.

What is the quickest and best way of tranfering the mailboxes from 2003 to 2007?

Thank you for any advise, or links.

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