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truncated emails

OK, I have a stumper for everyone here.
I am running a SBS 2003 server with Exchange.  I have one user who is getting random emails where the message body suddenly gets cut off....that's right, in the middle of a sentance in the body of the email.

Below is an example:

We have received your return and credit has
been issued to your card as described below.
This credit will show on your next credit
card statement.



See how the message was cut off at "If"

Other information. 
- On my server, I have disable all spam filtering ( I have GFI Mail Essentials) and any Exchange spam filtering. 
- Other users on the same network will get the same message, but it is this particular user that get the message truncated.
- The message is already truncated on the server before the user views it in their Outlook 2003 mail client mailbox.  In fact, a incident this troubled user told me today is that another user received a message addressed to both of them....the user not having trouble with truncated emails downloaded (did a Send/Receive) the message to their Outlook 2003....message was healthy and all present.  The troubled user later downloaded that same message to her Outlook 2003 inbox and to my understanding, this email came in trucated to her inbox, AND as soon as she did that, the other user went back to re-read the message that got downloaded to her inbox - and it appeared to be truncated also!!!  I was told this over the phone in the afternoon today, and that's what I understood from what they told me.
- Mail is coming in directly on port 25 to my Exchange server.

This problem is keeping me up at night and is very stressful.  This user is the receptionist at my church so she receives a lot of important email.



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I have an issue where an email service that we use will only except emails that have a body of less than 100KB.  What I would like to do is truncate any email body that is over 100KB when it's being sent to this email service (removing as much from the end of the body as needed). Does anyone know how I would go about doing this?

Hi, my email got truncated after a few reply. i know that in outlook 2003,
uncheck the use word as editor will solve the problem but i cannot find
anything like that in 2007. kindly help on this.


I'm on a slashdot mailing list that sends text emails every day. A
few months ago (about the same time that I upgraded from Outlook 2003
to 2007), the messages started arriving truncated. When I read them
via a web mail reader, before they get to my desktop, they are not
truncated, but when I read the same message using Outlook 2007, they
are truncated.

Here's the really amazing part. If I ask Outlook to forward the
truncated email, to myself, as an attachment, I can read it fine, in
its entirety, via Outlook.

Any thoughts?


p.s. I cannot absolutely state that this problem began with Outlook
2007; only that it started happening about the same time as when I


I have Exchange Server 2007 Standard Edition SP1, Update Rollup 2.

The problem is that we keep receiving truncated emails (on Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 and Outlook Web Access), the body begins normally, text is shown and then I get something like the following lines for example:

Content-Type: text/html; charset=s-ascii"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable



-----Original Message-----

From: John

Sent: 18 June 2008 18:08


Subject: FW: message

or just that Next Part Reference

For the first example, Internet Headers look like this:

Content-Class: urn:content-classes:message
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft Exchange V6.5
Subject: FW: message
Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2008 09:54:24 +0300

I have also checked the Internet Headers for some other truncated e-mails and most of them look like this:

Received: from ([]) by
([]) with mapi; Mon, 23 Jun 2008 14:38:35 +0300
Content-Type: application/ms-tnef; name="winmail.dat"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary
From: John
To: Michael
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2008 14:38:34 +0300
Subject: FW:
Thread-Index: AcjSl6OQt2qIR5KkREGdnFQxFDcSjwAAAZEAAAb0+kAAkUxoAAALOjmA
Accept-Language: en-US
Content-Language: en-US
X-MS-Has-Attach: yes
X-MS-Exchange-Organization-SCL: -1
MIME-Version: 1.0

Based on this, I have found on only one tnef-related issue
I tried those settings, but it didn't work.

I have also seen on some forums that Microsoft fixed this issue by making a change to the IIS metabase, but no further details on how they did it exactly. If anybody knows, please reply

Any other ideas?
Thank you!

All, I have some Exchange 5.5 servers SP4, running on
win2k sp3. Once in a while we get complaints that emails
are getting test cut off at the end. This morning it came
to a head when the president of the company noticed this.
In the past we would go into the user mailbox and clean
our their over full "Sent items" "deleted items" and
such, that would fix the issue. But his time the same
thing has been done with no improvement.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Thanx for the help.

Bob Hall
NT Systems admin
SCP Pool Corp.

SMS Link for Outlook 2007 appears to truncate email messages at the 160
character limit of Verizon's TEXT messaging functionality. Is there a way to
get longer email messages forwarded to my cell phone running Windows Mobile

Email addresses automatically complete when typing the 1st letter(s) in the
"to", or "cc" fields of an Outlook email message. That's great. But why do
the autocomplete entries resemble those from other people's address books
instead of mine? For instance, the first time I send an email it is to
"Firstname Lastname (", so I can see their full name, in
addition to their email address.

That works fine until I receive an email from somebody else who cc's that
same person but doesn't have as clean of a definition for their name. Once I
click "reply-to-all", Outlooks decides to redefine my autocomplete for that
contact. So now I have the truncated, which might not have
any relationship to the person's name.

How can I prevent Outlook from replacing my definition of a contact in the
autocomplete function with other users' cc definitions?


I used a slow speed wireless internet connection to access Outlook through a
VPN connection. Outlook Cached Exhchange Mode email settings are to only
download only headers with a slow connection. Now that I am connected
through a high-speed connection, items in my Inbox that were downloaded with
the slow connection are still only the headers and not the full items. How
do I restore the full items now?

I have an issue where we are receiving email from external domain, email
contains body and disclaimer (which I believe is appended to body in outgoing
email only when message is leaving this domain). We can see and read this
email no problem but everytime we try to forward or reply to this messages
body of oriinal email is troncated (discalimer still there). This is
happening only if receiving client is Outlook 2003 and under Tools - Options
- Mail Format, "Use Microsoft Word as e-mail editor" is checked. If this box
is unchecked then we can reply and forward emails no problem nothing gets
truncated all is there as expected. Additionally this issue do not xist in
Outlook 2007.
sounds like if Word is used to be HTML email editor in outlook, and there is
different formating in each part of email (body vs. disclaimer) MS Word does
not know how to handle this and truncate email body. Any ideas? sounds like
clearly outlook issue since I can read message in outlook but cannot reply
with history. Also if I read and reply to this message in OWA all is good,
and it is not exchange server related because I can use my Outlook client to
get messages from MSN or Yahoo and stil have this problem if replying from
Outlook, but all good if replying from Yahoo or MSN web mail


I used a slow speed wireless internet connection to access Outlook through a
VPN connection. Outlook Cached Exhchange Mode email settings are to only
download only headers with a slow connection. Now that I am connected
through a high-speed connection, items in my Inbox that were downloaded with
the slow connection are still only the headers and not the full items. How
do I restore the full items now?

I am running Exchange Server 2000 SP4, with OWA over https.
Workstations are XP Pro SP2 with OfficeXP, so Outlook 2002.

Several times when sending a message or replying (usually when
replying) through Outlook Web Access, the message gets cut off after a
few lines.

It is not after a specific number of characters or lines - it varies.
It does not happen to any particular user or group.
It does not happen every time.
It never happens through regular Outlook, only through OWA and a couple
times through a Blackberry.

This has happened when sending to both internal mailboxes and external

I have read through several google posts, quite a few with similar
situations, but no solutions.

Any solutions appreciated.


I get emails that are mile long. Since most of those emails are nonsense,
they take up my time reading them but don't do me any good.

Is there a utility to truncate emails to roughly 1000 characters or at least
only display the first 1000 characters (if I need to read the rest, I will
just click a button or something like that!)

this would be like ... (dot dot dot) at the end, so I would only read the
first few hundred chars.

thank you!



Our company is using MS Exch 2003 and Outlook XP or newer.  A staff recently has the tables that he copied from Excel and pasted into his Outlook gets truncated whenever he emails out to people.  In another words, it would look good when he pasted just before emailing and then when the recipient receives it, the table in his email gets truncated and he gets some html coding with it:


I received calls from a few users now reporting the same problem.  FYI:  the environment is MS Exchange 2007 SP1.  The clients vary between Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2007.  The problem is they have messages in their archive that appear to be blank.  At one time there was a message in these emails, but they disappear.  I find this happens once their archive reaches 1.5 to 2.0 GB.  I tried compacting their archive but that doesn't help.  I create a new archive file to write future emails to, but that's all I've been able to do.  I was wondering if it's possible to be able to view those messages again once they become truncated.  Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

We have a user that is experiencing this for about the fifth time. When she
forwards a message in Outlook 2K3, (Exchange 5) the inline forward is
truncated to a little piece of code like and that's it. She
cannot forward messages. We've cleared temp files, we've moved her from
Outlook as the email editor to Word and back again, we've moved her from HTML
to RTF and back again, all to no avail. Why is this happening and how can we
fix it. There are ZERO KBs on this, and I've asked in this forum before and
not gotten an answer.

I encountered a problem with outlook 2000, 1 or 2 email after downloaded from
the server, the message bosy became truncated, any one encountered this

whenever I write a longish email, it truncates to about one third of the
original size - i.e. more than half of it disappears when it is sent,
although the messgae remains complete in my Sent Items.

at a loss - help, please.

thank you

Running Outlook 2003 on Exhange 2000 (I think) server. I have a user who,
when forwarding certain emails, finds they have been truncated before
sending. Specifally, these emails are coming from an e-news clipping service
and generally contain many URL links. The forwarded emails contain only the
first half or so of the originals. Coincidentally, the forwards seem to be
cut off at the point where the original ends in the window. That is, click
"Forward" and the original email opens in a new window. The amount of the
email which shows in that window seems to be what is sent in the forward --
the rest is truncated. Coincidence? What might be the cause of the

Same symptoms occur if "Reply" is used instead of "Forward".


We are generating a SharePoint email that provides links to documentation.
If the file name has a space (%20), the first space is truncated. This is a
known Outlook issue: x.

My question, is there a way to resolve this either through SharePoint or
Outlook? Thank you.

We are generating a SharePoint email that provides links to documentation.
If the file name has a space (%20), the first space is truncated. This is a
known Outlook issue:

My question, is there a way to resolve this either through SharePoint or
Outlook? Thank you.


I've been talking with our CEO and attorney regarding some litigation and how more and more requests and subpeonas are being issued for any and all data stored on network hard drives including email relating to a particular subject.  There was some question as to whether or not an email can come into a site, be replied to and then be deleted without being recoverable.  My understanding is that it could, provided the log entry was committed and truncated. 

For example, we run a full backup of the Exchange server each night, which also (I believe) commits and truncates the log file.  If I receive an email today and delete that email immediately, is there any way to recover that email after tonight's backup runs?

Any help appreciated.


Is there a work around to the 20 char max. of the smtp email address
of a user account on Exchange 2000 ?

If i create a longer one i can see the full user name , but the smtp
address is truncated at 20 char.
And it doesn't work if i edit it manually.

Is this an Exchange limitation or an SMTP limitation ?



I am using CDOSYS to send an HTML Email from Sql.

What is the Maximum length for the HTMLBody Property.

It seems to be truncating my text at 4000 characters. Is there anyway around this or is this a limitation of the property.

Thank you in advance for your help.

We have MS Exchange 2003 at the office. My boss and I both use the Treo 600
to download e-mails using the mail software that comes standard with the Treo
(I think its referred to as MMS).

About 90% of the time, this works perfectly. The emails will download
correctly. We both have them set to truncate after the first 30k. When it
does cut off a message, we download the remaining text as needed.

Occasionally, the mail software will appear to download all of the emails.
When you open the email, it says "Message truncated" and nothing else
appears. It only downloaded the header information (subject line, from, date,
etc). All emails downloaded during that session have the same "Message
truncated" issue.

When you select options and try to download the entire message, nothing
downloads and it goes back to "Message truncated."

Then, without any changes on our end and without any pattern that I have
noticed, email begin to download correctly again. The download issue may go
on for a day or just an hour.

I use Sprint, he uses Cingular. We both use Outlook 2003 on Windows XP.
However, the issue occurred before we recently upgraded, happening on Windows
2000 and Outlook 2000.

Any way to correct this?

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