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Move Mailbox - Unable to view new mail

Following the MS How To:Migrate from Exchange Server 5.5 to Exchange 2000 Server (MSKB Q316886).

Installed the Win2k/E2k box in the same site as our NT4.0/E5.5 box.

For the time being, we will still be logging into our NT 4.0 PDC, so I plan on associating the Exchange 2000 mailbox with our NT 4.0 accounts (MSKB Q278888).

I began testing of the move mailbox function with a test email account that we have (let's say the mailbox is called TEST). I was able to successfully move the mailbox to the E2K server. I setup the appropriate permissions as stated in Q278888. However, when accessing the mailbox via MS Outlook (XP), I cannot view new mail for TEST.

Any message sent to TEST (whether from the TEST account itself, another internal account, or an external account) does not show up in TEST's inbox (though I do get the new mail notification chime). People are able to receive mail from the TEST account (and to make things even stranger, TEST's "Sent Items" folder is displaying the newly sent messages).

I have enabled message tracking and it looks like the messages are getting delivered OK. If I look at the Mailbox properties under Exchange System Manager (E2K) I can see that the size and total items count is increasing.

To make matters more interesting, if I move the mailbox back over to the Exchange 5.5 Server and restart the Exchange services, all of the mail messages that were sent to the TEST account while homed on the E2K box appear, and everything seems to work fine.

I will add here that a new mailbox created on the E2K server has no problem viewing new mail.

So it looks like mail is being delivered properly, but I am having trouble viewing new mail under Outlook while the mailbox is homed on the E2K server.

Any thoughts or suggestions on to what I might be missing?



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Unable to View new Mails In MS outlook but can get view all new mails in OWA.


My problem is that in Outlook 2007 unable to view new emails (unread email) - it does not show/display/list at all in the Outlook Inbox. Seem like I did not get the email at all into Inbox. But in OWA 2007 I have no issue. OWA shows all emails in Inbox.

There is no custom views. The only temporary solution is to rename the pst then those emails will appear again in Outlook Inbox.

But the issue will reappear again after some time.

Is there any bugs that can cause this issue and a hotfix to fix it?

Thank you.

Hi everyone

I have a very weird problem and can't seem to find anything relating to it on the net.

We have a shared mailbox that a few users use. They are able to view all the mail delivered to that mailbox. They open the mailbox from within their Outlook clients.

There are 1 mail deivered to the mailbox that the users are unable to see. If I open the shared mailbox directly with Outlook then I am able to see the mail. If I open the mailbox from within my Outlook profile, then it's not there.

In otherwords this mail is displayed in the inbox when directly connecting to the mailbox when opening Outlook but not there when opening the maibox from within a user's Outlook. They are all delegates too.

Any ideas? 

I'm unable to view a second account on my Outlook. I'm using 2007 and the exchange server is 2003. I've added the account on my Outlook, I've also added full Mailbox rights via Active Directory. I'm pretty sure that's all I've needed to check in the past.

The error I get when I try and open the added mailbox is
"Cannot display the folder. Microsoft Office Outlook cannot access the specified folder location. The operation failed. An object cannot be found."

I've also created a new account to try this with and I get the same error. Although the mailbox does exist in the store.

I've also tried removing the SELF and readding the SELF from the Mailbox Rights (although this was posted as a solution for exchange2000, I thought I would give it a shot.) also didn't resolve the issue.

Although I'll keep looking for a solution I'm all ears to any ideas.

Thanks a ton. 

We are planning to move to Exchange 2003. The situation is we have 1 Ecxchange 5.5 organization and 1 site with 4 servers. I understand we will be installing Exchange 2003 on 2 new servers to be a cluster and we will move the mailboxes etc. from 5.5 to 2003.
My questions are:
1)Will we need a new Organization name( I assume yes)?
2) Will this require and Active Directory Connector and connection aggreements?
3) Is this scenerio considered a cross-site move?
4) Will i need to follow the steps in the Exchange Deployment guide to successfully move mailboxes etc to the new Exchange 2003 server?
5) Would we just be using the move mailbox wizard?
Thank you, DarH

Server 2003 (Native Mode)
Exchange 2003 (Default settings w/Native Mode)

Subject: Unable to view all of the users inbox via OWA

We currently have one domain name, ( which is 100% 2003 based OS. Our Exchange is placed on one dedicated system in the private zone behind an ISA.

As it is now, the internal e-mail works as expected (we receive and send mail with attachments with no problems) using Outlook 2003.

When using OWA via IE ( the users mailbox appears as expected and displays a variety of mails in the inbox. For instance, the inbox might show (3), but only 2 will be viewable. If we go back to the office and logon directly to the network and use Outlook 2003 all three inbox mails will display.

Another issue we've seen is when an e-mail has been received and opened in OWA and then replied to, it no longer appears in the inbox in the OWA, but once again will appear in the inbox when we logon back at the office.

An up front "Thank You" for your time and to those who can lead me in the right direction to allow all inbox's and reply's to remain when using OWA...Thanks...TJ

The user is unable to view deleted items in his deleted item's folder. After
an item is deleted it disappears or in some instances is not moved. Serveral
people have access to his mailbox and even they have the same issue. We
suspect that the server automatically deletes the email permanently, however
nothing was ever changed. We checked any instance of this problem and came
up with nothing. He manages all his email on his Blackberry. At first we
thought the issue was connectivity to and from his Blackberry but the issue
occurs even with other people who have access to his mailbox. The mailbox is
hosted on an exchange 2003 server, specifically ver 6.5 build 7638.2 SP2.

Hi all, i am unable to view the attachments when an auto creating mail. It was working properly when i was using outlook 2003 and now it is upgraded with outlook 2007. After sending the mails, the attachments are getting visible when i check in sent items. What could be the problem.
Best Regards,


first post on this forum, so be easy. lol

im having a problem with my outlook connector. i have 2 email accounts setup.
1x pop3 account (works fine)
1x IMAP hotmail connector account.

i use my pop3 account for sending and recieveing emails, and i use my hotmail account to store my calender and contacts.

when i set my pop3 as default my emails work fine, when i press new it opens a new email with my pop3 set to send, with all my signatures etc. but i cant view my imap folders.

"unable to view folders.."

however if i set my hotmail account up to default. i can view these folders, but not my default new message is the hotmail not the pop3 so i lose my signatures.

if i then go into email accounts again and set my pop3 account to default i can recieve mail and view the folders. but if i close it it stops working again and i have to do it again.

ive tried uninstaling both outlook and connector.

i dont want to use profiles.

any clue as to how i can sort this one out?

im incredibly annoyed with it. i have this running on another machine and its fine.

my outlook is 2003, and its v14 outlook connector. there isnt a exchange server.

thanks alot for any help!

This is more like an Outlook 2003 related issue but we do have an Exchange 2003 server.

I am unable to create new appointment using Outlook 2003 but when I use OWA to create the same new appointment, it works.   I tried restarting Outlook.  I also have meeting room calendars attached to my mailbox and they also work.

Any ideas???

    I have Excahnge 2003, recently we had canged the IP Address of the server afterthat i am unable to view the Queue which show error

"Exchange System Manager failed to retrieve queues for the SMTP Virtual Server (error code = 0x800706BA).  Check the event log and verify that the required services are running. ,  "

i don't have any problem in sending & Receiving Mails.

Are there any glitches in moving Exchange 2000 to a new server? We have one Exchange server...and we want to move it to new hardware and decommission the old box and use it for something else. As far as I can tell all you really need to do is install a second server and move the mailboxes. Is there more to this operation when decommissionsing?


I have installed the Office 2003 package on WinXP. The matter is that when I try to start Outlook 2003. I get an error message that reads:

Unable to open default mail folders. To create a new profile, double-click the Mail icon in Control Panel, click Show Profiles, then click Add. Once you create a new profile, select it and then click Always use this profile to make it the default.

And when I press the OK button, Outlook closes automatically.

I have reinstalled Office 2003 again, but I back out with the same problem.

I would appreciate if someone could help the to sove this issue because I need it urgently for work.

Regards and thanks in advance.

I have Outlook 2003, Exchange 2003 ENT on a Windows Server 2003. Here is my
problem ( I will then fill you in with some details )
I Have multiple mailboxes viewable in my Outlook(5), All but one of them is
causing me a problem, When i click on the inbox for one of the accounts i get
the "Unable to view folder" on the right hand pain, If i click a folder
nested in the inbox it views fine, so i would almost certainly say its not a
permission issue. This seemed to happen AFTER i installed Office 2007, but
it never happen straight away, so i completely uninstalled 2007 then
installed 2003 back again and it still happens, I also see it if i TS into
the server so it is Server side not client.
Thank you very much in advance for any HELP.

I have just gotten rid of Franklin Covey software for Outlook because it
really seemed to bog down my memory. But I did like being able to always
have my calendar in front of me while also seeing wheter or not my mail
folder had any new messages.
While in the calendar view is there a way to see new mail other than the
small icon at the bottom of the screen?

I am able to view contacts , in the outlook 2003 tab , but in the TO field of
a new message dialog box, I am unable to view the contacts

Do as Needful..


Gaurav Khungar

Used IntelliMover to transfer contact info and now unable to view in Outlook
Contacts. The transferred file has a .PAB (Personal Address Book) extension
which I am unable to open or upload. I have the same issue with my Calendar.

I have just gotten rid of Franklin Covey software for Outlook because it
really seemed to bog down my memory. But I did like being able to always
have my calendar in front of me while also seeing wheter or not my mail
folder had any new messages.
While in the calendar view is there a way to see new mail other than the
small icon at the bottom of the screen?

I'm unable to enter new calendar events. I always get the error message,
"The Form required to view this message cannot be displayed. Contact your

I have read the earlier posts and was not able to find a definite answer, so
here goes again.
I have a user who is suddenly unable to create new appointments on his
default Calendar (the one in his Exchange mailbox). Nothing I try brings up
the new appointment window - double-clicking, right-clicking, using the new
button, or using the file menu.
I can create a new calendar in his mailbox and add appointments to it just
We also use WebOutlook and I am able to create a new appointment on his
default calendar from WebOutlook.
We have a corporate version of Outlook and it does not have to be activated.
The problem persists even if the machine is rebooted.
I have been unable to find a solution and would appreciate any advice.

Hey Jacob,

I faced the exact problem today, and it eventually was resolved when I
chose a different Outlook Data file type (while creating the PST).

Out of the two below
Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)
Outlook 97-2002 Personal Folders File (.pst)

The first one was giving the exact problem below (presumably as it
allows Unicode charset). When I created another PST as Outlook 97-2002,
the problem disappeared.

BTW, I'm still using Windows 2000 Professional on my laptop :-), so
perhaps it's a combination of the PST type and OS that did not work.

I hope the same works for you too.
Let me know if it did.

Have a good day.

Jacob wrote:
*I am unable to create New Appointments in Outlook 2003.
It doesn't matter whether it is in day view, week view or
month view. It doesn't work if I right click, double
click and open spot or if I use the icons on the menu bar.

Microsoft Knowledge Base doesn't help. The program is
from a company Action Pak but they are no help. *

Posted via
View this thread:

I want to move deleted items to a new "deleted item folder"i.e "deleted 021910.

When I perform this step-many times the deleted items that I think move
actually disappear.

Where do they go?

Why does this happen?

At the same time a "new message" opens up looking for me to send an e-mail
to some one and attached to this "new message" are multiple attachments.

this is really stange.

I need help.


Unable to view Portal through port 443 after applying SSL Certificate

There are currently 2 WFE joined to the farm with 1 Database Server.
Currently there are 2 urls to access the Portal:
1) (require ssl)

drmoss is actually an extended website of moss. On the moss web application,
we have already applied SSL and have added an extra link to the AAM under
internet. ( The site is working properly.
After this is done, we extended the website to drmoss and created a new web
application. We wanted to use ssl for drmoss as well and did the following:
1) created and applied certificate to
2) edit settings to require ssl
3) added AAM under Others for After this
was done, we could not access the portal, giving us an error "Unable to
display page". Please note that we were using the same steps for production
and it was working.

AAM Settings:
Default : Internet : Intranet :
Others :

Steps taken:
1) Removed require ssl to check whether http was still working. Outcome:
http able to access with no problems but when using https, error appears
2) Checked event log. No log error found

Please advise ASAP,thanks.


ne of the user is using Vista Enterprise Edison and Outlook 2007. He is unable to open an restricted mail. I run IRM check tool and identified the below error.

 RM Client - Critical Microsoft Rights Management Client file C:WindowsSystem32msdrm.dll is not signed

and get an warning in Machine is not activated.

Please suggest me the possible solutions








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