MS Outlook SLOW AS ____ when Sending Receiving

I have to wait 20-30 seconds when I sign in to my Outlook 2010 Pro for the automated Send/Recieve to actually function and get my mail.  I did not have this problem in Outlook 2003 Pro version. What's up with that?

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I'm running XP. Office Outlook cursor freezes during send/receive email.
Anyone know why? It's really frustrating.

I wanted to respond to the person who asked this question because I had
the same problem and I could not find the correct answer either online
or at work. At work, MS Outlook began to not automatically send and
receive email - when I created an email, it would stay in the Outbox
until I manually clicked on the Send/Receive button (and I wouldn't get
email until I did the same). This problem had nothing to do with any
of the 'Mail Setup' settings (including scheduling automatic
send/receives at specified time intervals, when outlook starts and
exits, etc.). The problem: MS Outlook had lost the connection to the
mail server and it switched to 'Offline' mode. This mode stays the
same until you manually change it by clicking on 'Offline' in the
bottom right corner of MS Outlook and changing it to 'Connected'.

The outlook express downloading of messages cured my Error 0x800700e problem
just fine my outlook now works

"Jaime" wrote:

> I do not use firewall but I'll send your suggestion to the system
> administrator. I am sure he changed something. Thank you. Jaime
> "30YearsExperience" escribió:
> > On this link:
> > n-us/wmisdk/wmi/connecting_through_windows_firewall.asp
> >
> > Is the following excerpt:
> > If Computer B is either a member of WORKGROUP or is in a different domain
> > that is untrusted by Computer A, then Connection 2 is created as an Anonymous
> > connection. An anonymous connection fails with either the 0x80070005 error or
> > the 0x8007000e error unless Anonymous connections are given the DCOM Remote
> > Access permission on Computer A. The steps to grant DCOM remote access
> > permissions are listed in Securing a Remote WMI Connection.
> >
> > This could indicate that a firewall is failing an anonymous connection which
> > results in your error.
> >
> > Just a thought.
> >
> > "Jaime" wrote:
> >
> > > I get the following msg when sending/receiving mail
> > > Task ' (1) - Receiving' reported error (0x8007000E) :
> > > 'Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try
> > > again.'
> > > I followed MS recommendations running Mapi32 repair tool, I do not have
> > > damaged msgs in ma inbox and I built a new e-mail profile. Nothing works.
> > > Any suggestion?


We have just bought Exchange 2003 SP2†and are looking at making it our live email server very soon.† We have one problem, which only seems to happen in a certain scenario:

Whenever the client (Microsoft Outlook 2003) does a send/receive, we get the following error:

"Task Microsoft Exchange Server reported error (0x80004005) : The operation failed."

This only happens when, with the help of a transform applied to the Microsoft Office MSI, Exchange is already configured on the machine.† The purpose of this is†so we can create a custom†installation that can be completed remotely (with the help of a remote installation program).

I managed to fix this, but only by creating a new mail profile, making it the default mail profile and adding the Exchange account in there.† Then the problem does not occur.† I cannot see any difference in settings between these two methods and am baffled as to A) why this is happening in the first place and B) why recreating a profile and adding the account again would fix it.

This is not an ideal fix, because the idea of having an unattended install is that we do not need to visit the machine and configure the mail settings...† Obviously with this problem, this is what we have to do.

I would be grateful for any suggestions - thank you very much in advance.


Hello everybody.

Since 3 days I am struggling with Exchange 2010 and Outlook 2007. I am able to log on to the exchange box. But when I push the send receive button Outlook comes with following error;

Job reports error (0x80072F06): Unknown error 0x80072F06

Besides this error it takes almost a minute to sendreceive before the error shows up. Alltho I can send and receive internal e-mail

Does anybody have any idea what the problem is and how to resolve it.

Thank you all,
Herman Franssen

Ran into exactly the same trouble. Followed all the troubleshooting steps
without success and like you decided to uninstall and reinstall Office. That
didn't work for me either. Afterwords I fired up Outlook Express and it
downloaded all the queued messages on my ISP's email server without

Once OE cleared the messages on the server I sent myself half a dozen email
messages and Outlook got them without the out of memory error. All other
things being equal that might mean Outlook 2003 had a problem with some non
standard or corrupt email header that OE didn't. Not smart enough to know if
that was true.

Anyone else having this problem after going through the recommended
solutions might consider grabbing all their email with OE, a third party
client or clearing the queued messages via web mail and see if the problem
goes away.

"Jaime" wrote:

> THank you Mike, I already tried that one and didn't work. Maybe I will have
> to solve my problem using the classic solution...Uninstall and re-install the
> product.
> Jaime
> "Mike Oswalt" escribió:
> > I would try creating another outlook profile to narrow down if it is an issue
> > with just that mail profile. If you create the second profile and are able to
> > send and receive you might want to consider using the new profile and just
> > migrating the mail from the old profile's pst file.
> >
> > "Jaime" wrote:
> >
> > > I get the following msg when sending/receiving mail
> > > Task ' (1) - Receiving' reported error (0x8007000E) :
> > > 'Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try
> > > again.'
> > > I followed MS recommendations running Mapi32 repair tool, I do not have
> > > damaged msgs in ma inbox and I built a new e-mail profile. Nothing works.
> > > Any suggestion?

I was having the same problem - followed all the steps in the recommendations.

Created new profiles - ran detect and repair - uninstalled and reinstalled
etc etc etc.

What finally worked was going directly into our mail server and finding an
email message that was stuck - it appears through research some people were
able to solve this by creating an account in Outlook Express and downloading
the message there. Then continue to use Outlook. Obviously Outlook is not
catching something that OE is. A bad header or something?????


"Jaime" wrote:

> I get the following msg when sending/receiving mail
> Task ' (1) - Receiving' reported error (0x8007000E) :
> 'Out of memory or system resources. Close some windows or programs and try
> again.'
> I followed MS recommendations running Mapi32 repair tool, I do not have
> damaged msgs in ma inbox and I built a new e-mail profile. Nothing works.
> Any suggestion?

Outlook frequently hangs when sending email, and goes into a frenzy of doing
tasks which causes the 'send/receive progress window' to shimmer as it does
hundreds of tasks. I have to use the task manager to stop it. Then the email
remains in the outbox, but I cannot open it because outlook says it has
started to send it.

How can I stop this? Thanks for ideas.

Thank you, Ezil!


When sending/receiving in Outlook 2007, this error only appears for my Hotmail account.  My Gmail and other accounts don't have this message.

I am definitely still receiving and sending through my Hotmail account.  I tested it however when I used the Delivery Receipt and Read Receipt options when sending to my Hotmail account, nothing ever goes back to the sending account.  Not sure if this happens for all Hotmail accounts but thought to mention here.

Other information to know:

1.  This is a brand new laptop with Windows 7.

2.  I started to use Outlook 2010 first - creating my Hotmail email account there.  Setup seemed OK - didn't notice anything unusual for the Hotmail account.

3.  When I couldn't set up my Gmail accounts in Outlook 2010, I didn't want to waste any time and decided to install Outlook 2007 and set up my accounts there.  Didn't notice any problem using Outlook 2007 so far.  I used the Outlook Connector for the Hotmail account.

4. I then proceeded to test the sending and receiving and started to get the error message for my Hotmail account.  Did it several times with same results.

5. Additional information:  I have 6 messages (mostly NOT HOTMAIL) in the Outbox that won't get sent from yesterday.  Yet, I have had no problem sending and receiving new messages till now- both Hotmail and other accounts.

Please help me figure out how to fix this error message and also to solve the stuck Outbox messages.

Thank you.






We've had an exchange 2003 server running on our network for appx 6 months
now without any problems. Suddenly all users on our network are getting an
error when the Outlook 2003 mail client sends/receive's mail. The error is:

Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004010F) : 'The
operation failed. An object could not be found.'

I've scoured the internet for a resolution to this problem - apparantly
something to do with the offline address book. However, I have followed all
recommendations on resetting system folders (article ID 275171 Microsoft)
and also checking the offline address book (article 905813 Microsoft) but
these have not resolved the issue.

Do Microsoft have any other recommendations or a patch to fix this problem?


I use Outlook Express with just fine all the time. I just
configured Outlook 2003 and it tests good. I set my default email to outlook
2003. In Outlook 2003, I click send/receive and I get an error window- The
operation failed. An object could not be found.

Outlook 2010 has been working well for weeks. For the last 2 days when sending/receiving it frequently stalls when synchronising folders. I have to try to close outlook and then re-start it. Office repair program did not find any errors.



Receiving error code for all accounts when sending/receiving 0x8004010f "The operation failed. An object cannot be found".  Plus the arrangement of my folders changed.  It also said something about a data file was missing.  I've tried to restore my computer back to an earlier date but it won't restore Outlook.  What do I do?


After removing and reinstalling Outlook, the problem persists: Outlook gets
stuck when sending / receive, for no apparent reason. I reinstalled it,
deleted all acounts and created new ones, to no avail. Am I condemned to
reinstalling Windows?


In previous incarnations, Outlook would perform a send/receive up0on opening.
In my new installations here at work, we must manually force the S/R.

I get the following error when sending/receiving.  outbox shows all emails sent.  get duplicat received emails.

Task ' - Sending' reported error (0x800CCC78) : 'Cannot send the message. Verify the e-mail address in your account properties.  The server responded: 553 <> is not allowed to use this service'

get error code 0x80048849 and 0x800488820 when send receive windows live mail

Outlook 2003 hangs when sending attachment directly from Acrobat (reader). Get an error indicating a failure in a network connection (the file being attached is on a network location). However, there's no link failure shown by the network status applet or logged in event viewer. File is no more than 3 meg.Pedro

I've purchased MS exchange hosting through† I've managed to set up my account and it works like a champ when using OWA.† However the connection via Outlook 2003 is not working as well.† Their†exchange†hosting service connects exclusively through RPC over HTTP.† I can configure Outlook to communicate with their server and send test messages.† However when I've tried several other operations in Outlook is gets hung in send/receive.† The message varies - "preparing to send/receive"†never ends or "send/receive completed 33%" buy never gets beyond that.† The operations that seem to hang outlook are manually send/receive or copying items from an archive folder into the hosted inbox.† At this point the communications between Outlook and the server are completely hung.† I tried copying a large number of archive items into the hosted inbox - I can see that may of them made it to the server (via OWA) but they've just stopped being transmitted.† I can cancel the send/receive but everytime I now restart†Outlook just gets hung as described above.

Of course I first tried communicating with the 1and1†helpdesk, but haven't gotten very far.† Their response is:

"If your outlook is hanging this is a local issue, you will need to reinstall outlook 2003 or troubleshoot the issue as to why it is hanging on your local system."

I don't believe I need to re-install Outlook to fix this, but I've had difficulty finding someone competent on their end to speak with.

Any suggestions from this community would be greatly appreciated.