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Exchange replication

We are looking to replicate our Exchange server and SQL server so that we can recover quickly in case of a disaster.
After doing some research on different applications, I'm kind of leaning towards Double-Take. Does anyone here have any experiences with Double-Take and if so does it do what it promises.

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Hello People,

I am after some help, we are running a fairly large AD organization
with three Windows 2003 Std domain controllers - in the centre of this
are two Exchange 2003 mail servers.

As time progresses and the site gets bigger with more mailboxes we are
finding that it is taking an increase amount of time for the Exchange
replication to take place even though the sites our domain controllers
are on are linked by 100MB leased lines.

We are aware that AD replication can take up to 15 minutes but we are
finding Exchange Replication is taking far long that this, for example
I just created a resource calender which all people in my site can see
but it is in excess of 40 minutes before someone in a site (on a
different domain controller) can see this calendar.

Can anyone please advise on how to speed Exchange Replication up.

Many thanks

Can anyone recommend some Exchange replication software? We are looking to do real time replication between 2 geographically dispersed servers. I have looked at the following vendors (WanSyncHA) (Doubletake)

I am looking for suggestions and/or recommendations

I need to install a 2000 Exchange replication server at our co-lo that will feed all our company email to remote 5.5 Exchange servers. One of the Exchange servers will be connected via a private T1 and be part of the same domain while the others will be connected via VPN and be part of different domains. Only one email domain will pass through this box. I was planning on joining the replication server to the same routing group as the server that is connected via T1 and create routing group connectors to the other domains. Does anyone have any advice or things to look out for before I begin? Are there any resources/instructions on the web that would help me complete this project?

OS of Exchange = win2008R2

Exchange Version = 2010

Exchange scenerio = Two nodes HA with two databases(DAG has two nodes membership). Each Database on each Exchange node. Each database Active on each node.

How to route/configure Exchange Replication from a specific NIC OR how Exchange use/configure a specific NIC for replication

So we just setup an 08 R2 standard in a domain env running exchange 2010 RC.

Have been trying to iron out some errors and issues and one that seems to be new now is:

"The Microsoft Exchange Replication service couldn't find a valid configuration for database 'dfe9b6ba-fa91-461c-8c2a-68e660da9cf1' on server "Server Name Here"

Their are only two databases in exchange. The mailbox one and a public one we made.

What can we do to get rid of this error or fix whatever is causing it?

Everything "seems" to be working okay.


after an additional creation of a public folder database we're getting this error:

The Microsoft Exchange Replication service couldn't find a valid configuration for database

As i see a lot of topics here, is there a workaround?

Many thanks,

What is the impact of disabling the Microsoft Exchange Replication Service VSS Writer? Will it affect the functionality and performance of the DAG group?

we have an Exchange Server in Location A. I want to setup a server in
Location B for failover.
We are on the same domain , and I would like to have mail replicated between
I will be setting up each server as an MX backup for the other.

Any pointers?

Do i need 3rd party s/w or can i just set up Exchange Replication via System



p.s. Win 2k sp3 on both machines. Exch sp3 on current , will also be on new
Exchange box.

I have a question regarding exchange2003
At present we are running one single exchange 2000 server. This server has had a few problems lately and so we are planning to go to 2003.
The only thing is that my boss wanted initially to go to a clustering option, using 2 servers and a SAN, but was put off by the price.
Another person suggested using the same two servers but to replicate the exchange service etc on both machines.
Ideally we need a situation where we have a 99.9% up time of the system, also my boss wants to be able to literally pull the mains lead from either exchange server (worst case scenario) and still have a full email system. As i see, clustering would do this.
So here is the question, using just windows2000 and exchange2003, can two servers be made to communicate and replicate everything that is needed so that if either server died then email system would still work?
hope that makes sense!


Is it possible to replicate my information store on two exchange servers each one on another location ,this replication should be in two ways
the two locations are connected with a VPN tunnel

Hello everyone, i made a name change in Active Directory for a user but its still not replciated to exchange address book. is there anyway i can manually force to replicate between exchange and AD?

Hi everybody,

I tried to implement the Exchange Inter-Organisational Replication Tool. But when I try to logon to the Session folder list of Exchange Replication configuration, an error occurs saying that

"Unable to Logon to Exchange Server using Mailbox information."

I have created the domain account with full permission to the public folders and log on locally permission as said in the document of microsoft Exchange Inter-Organisational Replication Tool.

What could be the problem.

Need Help.

Need to come up with a high availibitly plan for Exchange 2003.

Running Exchange 2003 with W2k3 AD. Already have redundant Domain
Controllers in Seperate Sites. Redundant DNS etc.

Currently looking at 2 vendors SteelEye and MessageOne. Any other players
that you can recommend.

Should I cluster instead of using replication software ?

Should I outsource ?

Thank-you in Advance, Kevin

We currently have an Exchange 2000 Enterprise on a Windows 2000 server.
I am setting up a new Exchange 2003 Enterprise on a Windows 2003 server.

I am going to have the Exchange 2003 join the Exchange 2000 site. I want to
move/replicate all the data from Exchange 2000 to 2003 and have Exchange 2003
as the primary exchange. I would then turn off the Exchange 2000 server. I
was told that I would have to change the master replica for exchange from
2000 to 2003 to make this work. Where would I do this? Thanks.


What is the best method to replicate User information (specifically Exchange
attributes) between two separate Active Directory domain controllers in
separate forests?

I have a company that has acquired another company. Both of these companies
are running on Windows 2003/Exchange 2003 but are in their own forests. I
need a way that I can replicate company A's user/email information into
company B's Global Address list and vise versa. It is ok if this creates
new user accounts (disabled or otherwise) or contacts within each companies
Active Directory.

I had originally thought I would be able to do this with ADC but could not
get it to work.

any help would be appreciated.


Does exchange 2003 standard support replication or do you need Enterprise

If you have two sites with Exchange 2003 at each end, what all is replicated? Say a site A mailbox receives a new message, is it replicated to site b immediatley? Should I configure the servers so that the only mail that is replicated is for the actual users at that site, as opposed to having a full replica, if this is possible.

Also, I have a single domain with Exchange 2k, after I add the exchange 2003 box, is there anything I need to do to say buh-bi to the old one, like dcpromo for DC's.


I have problem several day, to make InterOrg replication utility to work. I did everything as written here : But i can not connect to Public folder remotely to Exchange server 2010. If i run configtools on Exchange Server 2010, i cannot connect, but cannot connect if i run configuration tools on Exchange 2003 server. There is no firewall (disabled both servers), and no nat. Both servers run on HyperV, each is in own forest. I i use Administrator(Exchange 2010 forest) , i can connect remotely, but can not connect to Public folder.

Following is entry from log exssrv.exe :
ERROR: Unable to initialize MAPI interface.
ERROR: Current relication session skipped.
@@STATS 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Or InterOrg replication tool work with Exchange 2010 SP1, or there is something, that I'm missing


i work in a small IT consulting firm that manages small - med size companies.  We're looking for a solution to have replication for Exchange 2003 so if the main server fails the 2nd or "back-up" server will take over automaticlly and seamlessly. I understand this is what clustering Exchange is about, but it seems like the whole idea of clustering is more suited for enterprise level environment. I really don't need to have 4 nodes for failover I just need one, 1 Live and 1 back-up for failover .  i also know there are software such as Neverfail for Exchange, will software like this better suits what I'm looking for, or is there any other way that can do what I described. I'm fairly new to the whole concept of clustering and virtual servers, so any useful information will help greatly, thanks!

Pls tell me if this is possible:

My client wants to setup an exchange server on site A then he will again setup another exchange server on site B. He wants the mail being received by site A to be replicated on site B. If this is possible what are the things I need to configure on both of the servers. Thanks.

I'm getting error in Event Viewer

The Microsoft Exchange Replication service couldn't find a valid
configuration for database '69fd75f0-43f1-448e-9ec0-d6917cce4250' on server

Doesn't seem to affect anything, but would be nice to quosh the error.


I have installed two exchange 2007 servers on my local network and am using SCR replication for storage groups to replicate to the second server using SCR.The exchange servers are 2007 sp2 and are installed on windows server 2008 sp2.

The initial seeding of the databases was ok but when I try to run the test-replicationhealth or get-storagegroupcopystatus commands I get an error message as below.

I have checked the permissions on the storage group folders, restarted both servers, restarted the replication services and turned ipv6 on on the network iterfaces but without any success.

I would be grateful for any assistance or insight anyone could provide.



Test-ReplicationHealth : Microsoft Exchange Replication service RPC failed : Mi
crosoft.Exchange.Rpc.RpcException: Error 5 from cli_GetCopyStatusEx
at Microsoft.Exchange.Rpc.Cluster.ReplayRpcClient.GetCopyStatusEx(Guid[] sgG
uids, RpcStorageGroupCopyStatus[]& sgStatuses)
at Microsoft.Exchange.Cluster.Replay.ReplayRpcClientWrapper.InternalGetCopyS
tatus(String serverName, Guid[] sgGuids, RpcStorageGroupCopyStatus[]& sgStatuse
s, Int32 serverVersion)
At line:1 char:22
+ test-replicationhealth

Hello All,

I need your suggestions in implementing exchange server in our organization. let me tell you my scenario.
We have two branches in two different locations. we are using exchange server for internal mail accessing. we are using 3rd party POP3 downloader to get mails from external server to our exchange server and our own smtp to relay outgoing messages. we want to integrate two branches using same domain (Active directory) and centralized exchange server. we want to configure 2 exchange servers one in each branch and we want these two to be replicated over wan for redundancy. we would like to have in such a way that all mail boxes should be in both servers and users will be accessing local exchange server. when there is fail in one server users should automatically be reconfigured to the remote server, so that there will be zero downtime. there is site to site vpn configured between two branches.

Please let me know your suggestions.. please... help me...... help me....

if i am not clear with my idea please let me know at my id..


ood morning,
i have exchange 5.5 and i just notice that it cant make replication with the other 5.5 in my domain.The error in the event vier is 3091 and says

Error 0x8007000e occurred while processing an incoming replication message.

Folder (3-FFFFFFFF0003) IPM_SUBTREEInternet Newsgroups.


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