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slow email processing

Hi everyone... have been having this issue since upgrading to Exch server 2003 and hope someone can help point me in the right dirction.

It was a new install, not upgrade from 5.5. Running on Windows 2003 server as a DC
Also runnign DHCP, DNS and WINS on this box
Also running ISA 2004 on stand alone server running under Windows 2003 server.

The problem:

Regardless of whether it is an internal or external bound email message, when I click on
the Send button, the Outlook client hangs for 30 seconds to 45 seconds before the message is processed. One other thing that I noticed that is different under Exch 2003 when compaired to Exch 5.5... under 5.5 when you entered an email address, Exch 5.5 would resolve that address and indicate it by underlining the email address. This seemed to indicate that the server resolved the email address and knows where to send it.

Under my Exch 2003 the address never gets underlined - indicating to me that my problem might be associated with a dns resolution problem?? I have my DNS forwarding to the internet DNS for resolution when the internal dns does not know the answer.....

Anyone have any suggestions?? Appreciate the help.. 

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I had a user that needed to send a bulk email, a few thousand, and some were not delivered by Exchange 2007 until about 8 hours later. The email originated on a Lotus Domino server and it sent all the email through a relay connector to my Exchange 2007 server. The Exchange server then processed some of the email while some of the others took 8 hours to leave the box. On the way out, the email leaves the Exchange 2007 server and passes through our Barracuda Spam filter which delivers the large number of email just fine.

What can I look at specifically to determine why Exchange took such a long time to deliver these email?  I did a message tracking and it shows that the email came in at 1pm and was sent out of Exchange at 9pm.

I'm curious why the Lotus server and the Barracuda server seem to handle the volume so easily and Exchange is seemingly struggling.

i'm kinda new to this.. so please be patient if its simple...

I have a user who was using and I added the email address of to her account.  Well the emails are being received quickly, but the Jane.Doe are being delayed about a day or so, sometimes more.

Same thing with another... I have a user who got married, so her email was and I added her married name of  Slow email on the new email and fine on the other.

Kinda frustrating... any help appreciated.


exchange 2003/win 2003

I have an incredibly slow email server. Takes about an hour to deliver mail.

Checking the queues I have

57,000 stuck in DSN (yes that's thousand)
25,000 stuck in waiting to be routed
3,000 stuck in pending,

Help !!

Hello Gentlemen,

For the past week or so we have been experiencing very slow performance on our exchange server.

*Email both local and external is delayed by about 5-10 minutes.
*Periodically https OWA stops working (http OWA works)
*Restarting the server fixes the issues for a couple of hours before, but the problems return
*The cpu is not pegged - major process are
Inetinfo @ 25%
Store @ 1-2 %
That being said if I open up "process explorer" the application crashes saying not enough handles or something like that
*Server is virus free
*Exchange 2003 SP2 on Windows 2003 SP2
*We have reinstalled IIS to see if that fixes it, unfortunately no.
*EventLogs seem normal
*Microsoft Tech Support is no help.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I will even go as far as giving the person who helps fixing the problem a gift cert to store of choice.

anyone had problems with email pop up with addresses from previous sent
emails being so slow to pop up when you begin to type a beginning letter or

Jim Barker

If I send an email from my gmail account to an exchange account it takes 5 min.  This is on a win 2k3 enterprise server.  So no pop3 connector.  It also takes about the same amount of time to send out an email...  Its just text nothing fancy.

I was wondering what could cause this issue...  I have symantec endpoint client running on the server, but no anti spam software.  I have sender id filtering, sender filtering, content filtering ect.. setup for anti spam purposes...

Thanks ahead of time,

Any ideas that would cause slow email response from outside addresses such as yahoo email accounts? Seems to take awhile about a full 2mins somtimes. I have checked DNS STUFF and it shows 4.2ms delivery time though. Im confussed, any suggested tips looking into? PS in a few months were upgrading to Exchange 2003 though.

Hello everybody,
I am recently experiencing problems when sending some emails with an attachment. Those emails, when sent, stay in the outbox folder for minutes before being sent, even if they are pretty small (about 700KB-1MB).
This happens both for internal and external mails but I don't know what it could be that slows this process so much.
Recently, in order to raise the number of outbound threads the value of registry key HKLM/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/MSExchangeIMC/OutboundThreads has been changed from 1 to 2, but I don't know if this could be related.
What it could be?

Thanks in advance

In a business environment, it is difficult to see whether you have processed
or actioned an email (other than that it is not in bold or has a flag, -
without opening it up), and what the outcome was. Outlook should provide a
column or an option to select an add a note pop-up where you can add
comments relating to the email (like in Excel). For example you receive an
email from a client to query a purchase they have made, and want to make a
note attached to the email quickly stating for example that you have called
the supplier (and the date) and the unit is on back-order, and the ETA is
99/99/9999. Currently the only option is to create a post to the folder with
the same subject - as far as I can see.

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
click "I Agree" in the message pane. ?mid=53ebdcff-27ef-4f9a-b714-bed4e53c1601&dg=microsoft.p ublic.outlook.general


I have problem with Outlook XP client downloading emails from Exchange
2000 over WAN connection.

Outlook XP only download the headers(the text), minus the attachment.
Does Outlook XP behaves this only in "Slow Link" mode? Is there a way
to force Outlook to download the full contents of email? Currently when
I try to open an email attachment, Outlook XP will freeze while
downloading attachment. It may takes several minutes depends on the
attachment size.

I understand that Exchange 2003/Outlook 2003 combination greatly
improves the issues with the cache exchange turned on, plus the
improved compression.

Any guides for Exchange2K/OutlookXP combination.


It is so slow for some people in the office to open emails it is insane and
i dont under why on some it is slow, and on others it is fine?
i disabled IM, and still slow?

Perry Rubino
Garber Atlas Fries & Associates Inc.
3070 Lawson Blvd.Oceanside, NY 11572
516.837.1100. Fax 516.837.1200
Direct #516-837-1172

Our exchange server is located in another office and we connect over a 2MB
VPN. My colleague and I both access an additional mailbox which is the
support email mailbox. If an email with a 1MB attachment comes in I click on
the email it takes about 30 secs for the email to appear in the reading pane.
If my colleague access the email it take 1 second to appear in the readig
pane. We still then both take another 30 seconds to download the attachment.

We both run XP SP2 with Outlook 2003 SP2. Both used cached exchange mode
for personal and additiona mailboxes. Both are set to download full items
except on slow connections. Both computers and users are in the same OU, same
network, same switch.

Can anyone come up with any suggestions why my colleage has the email appear


First time post here (so be gentle!). Since upgrading to IE7, downloading
emails has become painfully slow. The notebook is an Xtreme CTX (T2700 with
2Gb RAM), and am connecting via a broadband connection (3500kbps) on which
there are no speed issues. Currently using Bullguard Spamfilter, which was
not causing any speed issues previously, and disabling the spamfilter makes
no difference. Downloading emails was fast, and painless previously.

Interestingly enough, since the upgrade to IE7, if I open IE7 while Outlook
is attempting to d/l messages browsing in IE7 is also painfully slow; normal
browsing resumes when Outlook is closed.

To give an indication of the speed issue - during last session 28 emails of
size 422kb took 28 minutes to download!

Any ideas, as I'm pulling my hair out!

Hi Guys

My Microsoft outlook has really slowed up
It seems to take ages to open emails new and old and is very frustrating
Any ideas how I might be able to fix this ??
Many thanks

My email loads really slow, 30 mins or more and freezes my computer while
it's running. How do I fix?

I am trying the Outlook Beta 2010. My emails take forever to download, it
says processing for the longest time. I can open Office 2007 and they will
come fast, like normal. Any ideas out there? Thanks

My email loads really slow, 30 mins or more and freezes my computer while
it's running. How do I fix?

I am trying the Outlook Beta 2010. My emails take forever to download, it
says processing for the longest time. I can open Office 2007 and they will
come fast, like normal. Any ideas out there? Thanks

Recently I migrated my organizations mailboxes from an Exchange 2000 server to an Exchange 2003 server. Everything works great except for searching through large folders in users Outlook clients. For instance, I have 15K some-odd emails in my sent items folder. If I use the "look for" feature in Outlook to search for an email in my sent items folder, it seems that Outlook will instead of looking from the oldest email to the newest, it will look in groups of scattered date ranges. This was working fine untill my migration.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Here is my scenario:  Running a small network with Exchange 2K and the workstations are a mix of W2K and XP with Outlook 2K and Outlook 2003.  My problem only happens with on computer.  It is running XP and Outlook 2003.  If someone sends an email to that computer (email account) either internally or externally, it takes up to a minute to appear in the inbox.  All others on the network receive email almost instantly.  If I send an email to myself from that computer it "hangs" in the Outbox.... but if I click on the Outbox, it almost instantly appears in the Inbox.  I just can't figure it out.  Help!!!


We have recently change from novell to Windows 2000 with Exchange 2000, behind a seperate MS Proxy server 2.0. Although everything internal functions correctly. And all externally sent email go's alright through a fixed line with our ISP. All email received from the outside varies from 1 to 2 hours delivery as indicated from each email header. Our ISP pushes email onto our exchange server. He says that he is getting a timeout responce from our server, which forces email through him to be requeued for 30 minutes. Are there any adjustments to be made. we are currently using a Pentium 2 333Mhz xeon + 512Mb ram.

Im using Exchange 2003 in Windows 2003. Whenever I create a new user, it
takes hours before his email address will be reflected automatically in the
Email Addresses tab even if it was configured in the Recepient Policy in
Exchange System Manager. What are the workarounds for this problem?

We have noticed that the exchange 2003 system is running very slow. Several
times a day users are getting Outlook is trying to access the mail server.

What should check

One user has problems with Emails. Using Outlook2K3 and Exch2K3, any emails
sent to accounts on the Exch2K box (and only on the internal lan) can take
up to two hours for delivery,

Yet, mail destined to external Internet addresses flly out the door.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why this would happen.


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