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GFI FAXmaker Questions

Hi, has anyone got/used GFI FAXmaker because i would like to know how good this peice of software realy is, and if anyone could tell me how it connects and sends the faxes that would be apreciated.

Thanks all.

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I am going crazy right now! I installed GFI faxmaker and a Brooktrout card and I've spent all day, getting it to work. Well, after about 3 necessary quick reboots on the mail server (small network, installed faxmaker on the mailserver), now we cannot receive email from the outside!

I can send to my gmail account, I just can receive anything.

Exchange 2003
PIX 515 E Firewall

I have since disabled the faxcard and stopped the GFI fax services.


GFI has released the first BETA of GFI FAXmaker 12.

To see what's new in GFI FAXmaker 12 check

We have also set up a BETA list dedicated to GFI FAXmaker 12 and subscription information can be found below.

- To subscribe send an email to
- To post a message in the BETA lists send an email to
- To Unsubscribe send an email to

Subsequent BETA builds will be released through the BETA list channel so subscription is suggested.

sono alla prima installazione di GFI FaxMaker, ho seguito la procedura di
installazione da manuale, ho effettuato il wizard, ma non riesco ad inviare
i fax (devo uscire da un centralino, quindi ho impostato di comporre lo 0).
Dal client outlook, dopo aver installato il software GFI, invio il messaggio
al destinatario fax [fax:xxxxxx], ma non viene inoltrato verso FaxMaker. In
coda, non compare nessun messaggio in uscita. Qualche suggerimento?
Il fax di SBS funziona correttamente con lo stesso modem.


Don't know if anyone can help with this. The latest version of GFI faxmaker has the ability to send SMS messages which I have set up and which works 100%.

The problem I have is that I want to be able to forward an incoming mail to a mobile via SMS. I have tried just about everything I can think of but to no avail. Has anyone managed to do this ? And if so, how ?


Hi, We are migrating our faxing solution to GFI Faxmaker. Winfax uses a standard address book form outlook. So my questions, Our current address book is pulled from the tables of a sql server, The data is places there from records of different program. So is there and application out there thata I can create and address book in outlook from an ODBC connection.

My Second question is, I have imported the address book into outlook and have gotten it to work to a point. The problem we are haveing is that the search function is not allowing us to search the whole contact only the first name.

Any help would be great,


I've just come across something that I've not seen before in earlier versions
of Outlook and was wondering if its the default behavior now for Outlook
2003. We just upgraded to the following in February:

Outlook 2003 w/ SP2
Small Business Server 2003 Premium Edition with all updates
GFI Faxmaker 12

The problem occurs when we enter a local fax number for a contact. Outlook
2003 is taking that number and adding a +1 to the fax email address even
though the area code matches our dialing rules. This is causing our fax
server software to try to dial a long distance number when it should be
local. I know this is different behavior because I've still got older
contacts that I've imported that don't have the +1 added to the fax email

So for example our area code is 727 and we enter in 7275551234 for a contact
called user. Outlook automatically formats it to (727) 555-1234 when we go
to the next field. But now if we look at the fax email address, it has been
converted to user@+1 (727) 555-1234. This doesn't make sense for local
numbers. I've also noticed if I click on the "Business Fax" button and enter
in the phone number this way, then click ok, Outlook adds the +1 again. I've
triple checked the dialing rules to make sure I wasn't missing something.

I need to know the following:
1. Is this now the default behavior for Outlook 2003?
2. If not, how do I correct this behavior?

Thanks for any help you can provide.
Small Business Server 2003 User


I have a problem with a mail forwarding rule my users have setup.

The rule forwards a meeting request to a contact I have set up which is this then fowards the mail to GFI Faxmaker and the SMS service forwards the mail to the mobile number.

This is fine if the user is in the same storage group, the rule forwards the mail as the user with the rule setup. This user is licenced to use the SMS service.

If a user from a different storage group invites the user with the forwarding rule set up, then the mail is forwarded as the original user, this causes an error when the user is not licenced and the SMS does not get sent.

Does anyone know of this issue?


Good morning,

Exhange 2003 enterprise service pack 2
GFI Essentials

Question: I will be implementing Journaling and would like to know if it's possible to journal to another server, for performance reasons. If so, any recommendations?


Ok, let me try to set this up. We are running Exchange 2003 with the GFI Faxmaker which sends faxes through 2 brooktrout modems. The emails are sent from a seperate server via Outlook using as the email address. It is set up on the exchange server and is operating correctly.

We have decided to start adding company email and bringing it all internal. Management wants the email address to be

If I set up users with the it works just fine. When I try to set them up with the upn name, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's very intermittant and spuratic.

I have added the UPN names in domains and trusts. I have tried to create recipient policies, but it doesn't seem to work all the time. The has got to work as we send about 2500 to 4000 faxes daily.

Does anyone have a resource they can direct me to to help me set this up and to go over all the settings to see what I'm missing. I'm completely lost when it comes to setting this up.

In an emergency scenario like 4 for 5 months ago, we installed Exchange 2010 on hardware that was not really what I would consider "Exchange Ready"... Mind you it runs pretty well, but we wanted to use that hardware for another project, and buy something with 4 hour support.

The existing server has all the CAS, Mailbox, & Hub Transport Roles. So does the new one. The New one will end up being the only server once completed. There are around 100 users on this server. But we need to remove the old 2010 server.

Fast forward to present time. I have my new hardware, I've installed Server 2008 R2, Patched it up, etc.... I am now looking at what my existing server is running. It has Exchange 2010 SP1 Rollup 6 right now. I have fully updated all the Exchange parts on the NEW server.

I have found a lot about adding a 2010 server to a 2003 or 2007 organization, but not much on 2010 to 2010, then removing the 2010.

I've moved most of the mailboxes.

I've moved the Offline Address Book to the new server.

I've replicated the Public Folders to the new server.

I've moved all the arbitration mailboxes.

What about my connectors though?

"Exchange Server 2010 uses Active Directory sites for routing" (found in an article I was reading) - I have not seen much info about what needs to be done on the connectors in this scenario (2010 to 2010 move). Do they need to be duplicated? I noticed on the Send Connectors there is a "Source Servers" tab, and multiple entries can be made. Should I add my new server, then remove the old to the Send Connectors? Also, I have 2 extra receive connectors (one for a ZIX, VPM Gateway and another for GFI Faxmaker) on the old server. Will I need to re-create those since there is no "Source Servers" area?

If I add both servers in the Send Connectors, how will it route? Which will it choose?

I think if I figure this out - and how to handle moving my SAN Certificate, I'll be set.

Any thoughts or help is appreciated...


this weekend i had problems makeing a backup from the Exchange IS. I
am using NTBackup on a different maschine (windows xp with Exchange
System Manager installed) to backup Exchange 2000 (from SBS) with
Symantec Mail Security and GFI Faxmaker (recently upgraded from V9 to

Here are the errors i am getting:

Info ESE 220 - Starting Backup pub2.stm
Error ESE 481 - Systemfailure 87, Error -1003
Information Store (3096) An attempt to read from the file
"D:pubpub2.stm" at offset 0 (0x0000000000000000) for 65536
(0x00010000) bytes failed with system error 87 (0x00000057): "The
is incorrect. ". The read operation will fail with error -1003
(0xfffffc15). If this error persists then the file may be damaged and
need to be restored from a previous backup.
Error ESE 217 - Error -1003 while backing up. Database cannot be
Error ESE 222 - Finished backing up pub2.stm Not all data could be
read. (0 Bytes read out of 2371887104 Bytes)

Everything else seems to work fine, all data seems to be there, no
problems with hard disks what so ever. What could have caused this?
How can i test whether the database is still consistent? If i restart
the exchange server, is there a risk of not starting again?

Thanks for your help.


I have an NT 4.0 server with exchange 5.5. I have GFI faxmaker on a
seperate win2k server. When i try to send a fax from outlook, it is
supposed to be forewarded to the faxmaker box. The message never makes
it out of the exchange box and sits in the queue as a "host
unreachable". I setup the exchange box exactly as GFI suggests but
nothing seems to be working. Should i be looking somewhere else other
than exchange (ie. DNS, WINS)??


due to a multiple disk problem on the storage array where the Exchange
strore resides, I'm actually working with a slightly corrupted private
store. Apparently no data (or very few data) is lost, so restore from a
backup is not the best idea (even because in the meantime I tried several
things and 2 weeks are passed, so the last good backup is very old). The
syntoms I've on my Exchange Server 2003 SP1 are:

1) backup of the private store fails unexpectedly
2) several errors are logged on the Application event log, particularly
event IDs MSExchangeSA 2035, MSExchangeAL 8231, MSExchangeFBPublish 8207 and
others depending on the action I'm doing.
Particularly, the 2035 error is related to a custom address type that no
longer exist since long ago (was related to an old version of GFI Faxmaker
connector) and has been deleted from Recipient Plocies.
3) users cannot see free/busy informations of other users when creating
appointments in Outlook.
4) When I create a new account, the corresponding Exchange mailbox is not

Things I tryed to do:

- clone the drive with Ghost -> errors. Impossible to clone
- move the database files to a different drive -> ok for public store,
impossible for private store.
- create a new private store and move all the mailboxes to this new one ->
ok, apart for few mailboxes where I got a MAPI corrupted error. But the
above problems still remains (including creating new mailboxes on the new,
consistent, store).

I thinked about moving the bad mailboxes usign exmerge, but if I cannot
create a new mailbox, I don't know how to achieve this (I'll be able to
save, but not to restore).

Another bad thing is that the store still resides into a critical RAID array
and I've no idea how to move it.

Any help is very appreciated.



I am running Exchange 2003 Server and GFI FaxMaker, an exchange fax gateway.
I can fax from outlook by creating contacts with numbers in the Business Fax
field and then adding these recipients to the TO field in a new message. I
store all of these contacts in an exchange public folder.

When I create a contact via outlook, specifying a contact name, company
name, and business fax number, the contact shows us as John Doe (Business
Fax) in the Select Names box. I can add the contact to the TO field of the
message and the fax sends successfully.

I have written a program to synchronize the fax numbers in my CRM system
with an exchange public folder using ExOLEDB (see: ).

The program creates contacts using only the following fields:
first name
last name
company name
business fax

The contacts created by this method are visible in the public folder, and
the aboove fields populate successfully, but the contacts do not show up in
the form John Doe (Business Fax) when you click the TO button to add
addressees and, hence, cannot be added to a message.

What properties must be set via my program in order to replicate the result
of manually adding a contact via outlook with a fax number?



I'm running a test setup with WS2003 SP1 with exchange 2k3 SP2. As addon I installed GFI faxmaker 12 mainly for the smpt to sms gateway.

When I try to get exchange to send a AUTD-sms directly to my windows mobile device ( the message get's stuck in the smtp connector queue.

If I change the device-address to e.g. the AUTD-sms is delivered within a few seconds. If I then copy/paste that message in a message from me to the using the web-exchange or via outlook express (smtp/pop3) the sms is send to the mobile device and it starts the active-sync proces.

What setting am I missing that the system cannot send the sms directly to the device using the smsmaker gateway??

Getting ready for Groupwise to Exchange 2k3 rollout. We are currently running all W2k3EE servers in native mode w/ xp workstations.

I have lined up the following:

hardware for server
GFI mail essentials/security bundle
GFI faxmaker
Meeting Planner for Outlook (
Exchange agent for Backupexec

Does anyone have any suggestions as to other 3rd-party software/hardware etc, that I have left out, or that you would highly recommend?

I didn't plan on doing a front/back server implementation, but if you can convince me otherwise...rock on.


hi forum

the scenario is
i have NT 4.0 sp6 PDC BDC environment
Exchange server 5.5 sp4 with GFI faxmaker 7 on win2k adv server
Client are win2k using outlook XP

two days back my PDC got Hardware trouble and stop functioning, promoted BDC to PDC and it done successfully, added new BDC to domain, Sync done between two servers successfully

i have tried to create new mailbox on exchange where it has refused by giving the error msg that maping between mailbox and user id is not done, recreated maping for all users, since than outlook users are not able to open the outlook, whenever they open outlook they got the msg that you do not have permission to log on.. while administrator can log on easily and send and receive mails

what could be the trouble, help me out in this

thanks in advance



My company is using Exchange 2003 and we have GFI Faxmaker installed on the server as well.

I have been trying to create a public folder that holds all customer contacts found in one of our database tables. I have been successful so far in all aspects except that when the public folder is setup as an address book it shows all contacts and provides the capability to select that contact and send email, but does not allow faxing directly to the business fax number stored in the contact.

If I setup a contact manually in that folder and assign a business fax number and email they both show up when the user creates a new email, selects the To: button and selects that public folder. It is only programmatically that the business fax does not show up. Here is a sample of my code and how I am trying to accomplish this:

Dim oItem As New CDO.Item
Dim oFields As ADODB.Fields

Do While sqlDataReader.Read() = True
oFields = oItem.Fields
oFields.Item("DAV:contentclass").Value = "urn:content-classes:person"
oFields.Item("").Value = "IPM.Contact"

oFields.Item("urn:schemas:contacts:o").Value = Trim(sqlVendorDataReader("company"))

oFields.Item("urn:schemas:contacts:email1").Value = Trim(sqlContactDataReader("email"))
oFields.Item("urn:schemas:contacts:proxyaddresses").Value = Trim(sqlContactDataReader("email"))
oFields.Item("urn:schemas:contacts:fileasid").Value = 3
oFields.Item("").Value = 1

oFields.Item("urn:schemas:contacts:facsimiletelephonenumber").Value = Trim(sqlContactDataReader("cfax"))

oItem.DataSource.SaveToContainer(sURL, , ADODB.ConnectModeEnum.adModeReadWrite, ADODB.RecordCreateOptionsEnum.adCreateNonCollection, ADODB.RecordOpenOptionsEnum.adOpenSource, "", "")
successstatus = False
End Try

Any help or suggestions on how to get the ability to fax directly from a public folder contact using this method is greatly appreciated.


has anyone information about a fax solution for MSX 2000 which supports fax on demand? Or how i can configure MSX 2000 and gfi faxmaker to do this


I am using Symantec Corporate Edition 8.1 in my Exchange server 2003 on windows 2003 platform. I am also using Symantec mail security for exchange 4.6 in the same server. It also has GFI Faxmaker for exchange ver 12.

The exchange server is well configured with symantec Corporate Antivirus 8.1 excluding exchange folders as mentioned in knowledge base from Symantec website. Server was perfectly running with standard configuration since 6 months. But yesterday i found emails in queue folder are not going out, folder was increasing more number of emails & server was not sending emails outside the company domain. I tried to check all the options but could not resolve it. At last i stopped the services of Symantec mail security for Exchange 4.6, then in few seconds all emails gone out of the queue folder & mail server was working fine. I don't know what is the problem with SMSE 4.6 that its not sending email when it is running. Please, i appreciate if you could let me know the solution for the same. Now my exchange server is running without SMSE 4.6 service enabled and i am getting lot of virus & spam email as i stopped this services. Please help me out.

Awaiting your reply

Thanks & Regards

Hi Supportive people

I am trying to forward emails to public folder

I need this for

share the incoming faxes and make it available to all the corporate users.

We are using GFI fax maker 14

I am lucky and found an article take about this in GFI KB

but I reach to a step which I am not able to continue

How can I make incoming faxes arrive in a public folder?
The information in this article applies to:
GFI FAXmaker for Exchange 10GFI FAXmaker for Exchange 7GFI FAXmaker for Exchange 9GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP 12GFI FAXmaker for Exchange/SMTP 14 Article ID: KBID001132
Query keywords: exchange, Exchange Server
To make incoming faxes arrive in a public folder, proceed as follows:
Microsoft Exchange 2000 / 2003 
Create a public folder (using Microsoft Exchange client or Microsoft Outlook). 
  After creating the public folder, you should give to all users the right to create elements in the folder. (This is done by default if the public folder is at the root of the folders hierarchy).
To be sure that users have the right to create elements in the folder use the following steps:  From Outlook or an Exchange client, right Click on the public folder and open its properties.  Go to Permissions. Give to the 'Default user' the 'Author' role and 'Anonymous' the 'Contributor' role. Click on OK. 
  From the Microsoft Exchange 2000 System Manager, select the newly created folder from .
  Select properties from the 'Actions' menu (Alt-A) and then select the 'Exchange Advanced' tab.
  Un-check the 'Hidden' from 'Exchange address lists' check box and click 'OK'.
  Create a user using Active Directory Users & Computers.
  While in the user's properties, go to the 'Exchange General' tab, click on 'Delivery Options' and in the 'Forwarding address frame' select the public folder using the 'Modify' button. 
  In GFI FAXmaker configuration, configure this mailbox to receive all incoming faxes).  

this is the KB link

i didn't put it all because I care for exchange 2003 only

ok my point now in the last step in AD

While in the user's properties, go to the 'Exchange General' tab, click on 'Delivery Options' and in the 'Forwarding address frame' select the public folder using the 'Modify' button.

I am not able to browse public folders.

I hope someone can help me in this point or tell me the best way to do this.

Thanks for everyone

After I install Security Update for Microsoft Outlook 2002 (KB946985) unable
to print (GFI FAXMaker) from any text editor. Instead of opening a standard
MS outlook new message window, MS Outlook gives me an error message "Cannot
start Microsoft Office Outlook. The command line argument is not valid.
Verify the switch you are using.”
Just I uninstall the security update everything works ok.

This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
click "I Agree" in the message pane. ion


We send fax through Outlook by GFI FaxMaker. So far so good...

Recent we migrate Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2002.

Now I can't send fax through Outlook contacts. I receive always a
failure message, because the fax number isn't correct formatted.

I tried to change several settings, but Outlook 2002 still formatting

It should be 0041 (xx) xxx xx xx
but Outlook format the fax number always like 0041 0xx xxx xx xx

Does anybody know, how I can change the settings?

Thank you for your help.


Hello Guys,
I am running a trial of GFI ME on our Exchange 2k3 Server and have a question concerning GFI's AntiSpam Public Folder Scanning. I enabled Public Folder scanning in the Mail Essentials and the powers that be are showing concerns about this feature. They are worried someone might throw a valid Email in the BlackList or Spam public folder and have it tagged as spam for everyone else in the organization. Currently I have SpamBayes installed on all the clients( one of the reasons I want mail essentials :) ) and they like the ability to individually "train" their spam filter. Have any of you that have installed GFI ME run into theses similar concerns before, is so, how did you take care of them ?

Thanks ,

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