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How to fix a problem Windows account stopping outlook synch with mobileme?

Have been struggling to get my outlook contacts and calendar synched with mobileme. Determined that it works with one windows user profile (a dummy set up to test that the issue is not apple) so my main user account must have some corruption. The main symptom is that after mobileme says a synch is complete, dupes start streaming into my outlook contacts file, hundreds of the same contacts already there. Does anyone know how to sort this out please?

Thanks in advance.


PS Not using Exchange Server.

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im useing xp home with IE 6
and i just to open as many ie screen as i want to, but now when i open a
ie screen to page, and then try to start and click a other ie to start,
it make the first one disapear, and it never use to do that
i could start as many ie as i what to

i check ie option, to see if ther a settin to keep page open with out
close, but do not seem to find one, i never had ther problem before

so question is, why now that this problem is showing up when it never did
how to restart a new window IE6 screen with out lose old IE6 web page,

Dear Friends,

Can anyone of you please tell me how to create a plug-in for

Microsoft Outlook??

The problem is as follows :

I need to create and add a button named "Tasks" to the set of buttons already

existing in the menu of the Outlook software. When I click the "Tasks" button, a

form should open up that consists of details about the tasks assigned to

various users, their names and due-dates. The form also consists of a button

named "Send". When the "Send" button is pressed, the control should again

come back to the Outlook Software. The details entered have to be stored in

a database, and the user should be able to extract the details whenever he

wants from the existing database.

This is the problem that has to be worked out. I have a release in the

second week of June. Please respond to my question as quickly as possible.

Suragala Srinivasa Rao.

Hi all,

How to access a custom control in an outlook form from my VBA code?
I have an outlook form with some custom controls and I want to access them
in my VBA code.

When an item is selected from the grid I want to populate these custom

Thanks in advance.


Does anybody know how to sync a blackberry e-mails from Outlook so that when
you open them in Outlook, they are marked open on the Blackberry?

I want to know How to import a calendar file into your Outlook custom calendar?

Hi All,

I am running w2003 standard with exchange 03 enteprise.
I have a question regarding how to rename a mailbox.

Last week I renamed a user from bradj to bjones. I can login fine with his account but I am having issues with OWA.
e.g. http:exchangemailboxbradj works but not http:exchangemailboxbjones. Exchange still considers the mailbox to have the old account name as opposed to the new.

Any idea how to fix this problem. I'd appreciate any advice anyone can give me.


when ever I try to open outlook it opens okay then it says it stopped working
properly and close itself off. How to fix this problem. I tried usuall ways
including uninstalling and reinstalling programme.
Please help

I have found lengthy comments from current to over a year ago about this error message but have not found any answers on how to resolve the error message that keeps popping up.

I think we, the community, either need resolution or direction to were the "how to fix" it answer is so we all can find it.

I actually quit using MS office for about a half a year... just last week decided to try it again... only to find trouble with no answers to be found.

I need to work out how to send and receive invitations between an outlook
calender and a lotus notes calender.

how to build a distributionlist in the 2007 outlook

Does anyone know how to modify a quick part saved in outlook 2007 ?
I mean changing the body text and formatting, not the quick part description
or category.
Thanks beforehand,

Just upgraded to Outlook 2010 and I can't find how to open a form! The
MSOffice Excel Outlook 2003 to 2010 spreadsheet says that "Forms | Choose
Form" is now "File | Choose Form", but I don't see "Choose Form". Under
options, "Custom Forms" I can see my forms, but not how to open them!

how to build a distributionlist in the 2007 outlook

I want to channel my comcast email account through Outlook 2007.  I just want all my emails to forward to Outlook.  How do I link them up?

Is it possible to embed a wave file inside of outlook.
I want the person to open the e-mail message and for the wave file to play
as the message is opening.

IS this possible.
Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


I have a user with a laptop that works in a remote location. She has a
e-mail account for that location with our corporate ISP as her incoming mail
server, and her remote office's ISP as the smtp mail server.
She comes to our office a lot, and I had been changing the smtp server to
match our corporate office, so today I set up a 2nd e-mail account on her
outlook with the difference being both mail servers set to our corporate, and
now she is getting double all incoming e-mails, I assume from the two
accounts. How do you fix this?



Each time I open Ooutlook an error message comes up stating I have a problem
with one or more of my reminders...some or all of our recurring infomration
may not be shown.

Any idea how to fix thisi?

win 7 new to accounts help - How to Fix the Error The User Profile
Service failed the logon User profile cannot be loaded.

Greg Buell here inventor @ please send

As I can not login to any user accounts get this error at the top

Found this fix below but not experienced to do it... does anyone have
a script I can run?

Got into this mess by trying to copy my admin to user defautl I had 55
megs of setting in admin and as a 1st time user of win 7 and accounts
I had no idea my user accounts would have nothing after I spent 40
hours setting up the admin acount wow

So how do I copy all the admin setting programs I installed to all the
user accounts - answer this after I get the user profile cannot be
loaded error fixed first thanks....

Every account a create now I can not logon as I get the same error

I looked in the regedit and found the "ProfileImagePath" and sis
files but did not know which ones were which as there were no user
names to them.....

help thanks


How to Fix the Error The User Profile Service failed the logon User
profile cannot be loaded

How to Fix the Error The User Profile Service failed the logon User
profile cannot be loaded

Beware - Keep in mind that deleting Delete C:Users%username% (where
%username% is

the username of the corrupted profile) Will remove all program
settings and your "My

Documents", "My Music" etc.. etc.. folders. Be sure to back up your
word files,

excel, photos and music (or any OTHER critical data) before you
attempt this or you

may end up being one sad individual.

1Restart your PC to release the locks on your profiles.

2Log on with another administrative account.

3Delete C:Users%username%

4Delete C:UsersTEMP

5Delete the registry key matching your SID from
" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsNTCurrentVersi on
ProfileList". Check

the value "ProfileImagePath" to make sure you pick your own profile.

6Restart once again and then you're done!

I'm running Office Professional 2010 and Business Contact Manager 2010 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit edition.

Yesterday, I needed to re-nistall Office Professional 2010, because I was having problems with the configuration of my POP/SMTP and exchange e-mail accounts.  After having spent a lot of time working with several Microsoft technicians over the last 6 weeks since my upgrade to 2010 from Office 2007 Ultimate.  They finally got it right.  I need to have my (work) POP/SMTP account  be the "default send from e-mail" and my (personal) exchange account for accessing and storing my contacts.

I discovered last night that all my customized categories are not there.  Argh...  Read on...

The core of the problem was that a few weeks ago a Microsoft technician improperly created a new .pst for my POP account.  Yesterday, another technician created a new .pst and then moved my folders from  the old .pst to the new .pst; something I haven't seen done before, and completed the configuration.  Please, note all my e-mail account settings remained the same.

However, I discovered last night that all my customized categories are not there.  This message appeared alongside the customized categories when I first opened the categories; for example: Fashion Retailers (not in Master Category List).  I was shocked!!  I use the categories to perform advance filters on reports in Business Contact Manager

How do I restore the Master Category List? 

I restored the database that I backed-up prior to re-installing Office Professional 2010; didn't work.  Then I mported the back-ups of my .bcm and .bcmx files; didn't restore the categories.  I researched within the Microsoft "Help" section I found that I might be able to restore them by running a command line switch; something I've never done.  Can this be done?  I don't want to make a mistake?  I created a restore point before re-installing 2010 Professional.  Will running a system restore prior to the re-install bring back my categories?  However, that's the last thing I want to do because I don't want to sacrifice the work spent to finally getting my e-mail accounts to run smooth. 

Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve my problem with restoring my Master Category List?

Thanks in advance for your time and help.

I hate seeing 8 posts on the same topic here where no one ever finds a solution. So I am sharing this with everyone in hopes that someone else will search for the answer here and find it.

This post assumes that you have already ôAllowing Password Changes Through OWAö found hereà (3/4 of the way down)

How to force a password change in OWA, Exchange 2003, running on 2003 server.

Open IIS manager
Drill down to the IISADMPWD virtual directory under default website, right click on it and go to properties
Click on the directory security tab, click edit.
Entered the domain admin username and password (it prompts twice for the password)
Click OK
On the application pool from DefaultAppPool to ExchangeApplicationPool and click OK

Now go to this article;en-us;833734&reason=0

You will need to acquire the two fix files in the article from Microsoft (I hate these personally) and execute them both.

I wasn't sure where to put the iispwchg.pdb in the second hotfix file. So I put it in the same dir as the iispwchg.dll that I registered from step 2 in the article. C:WINDOWSsystem32inetsrviisadmpwd
By default it just went into the folder it was executed it and created sub folders of symbolsrtmqferetaildlliispwchg.pdb

Make sure you do step 2 and 3 from the article to make this work. For step 3, specify 0 as the value.

Also, ensure the permissions on the Exchange and IISADMPWD folders match.

The article says you need to reboot, but I was told all you need to do is restart IIS, which is what I did and it worked! Now when a userÆs password is expired they are taken to generic IIS page upon the next logon and prompted to change their password.

This fix was worked out for me by HP software support (formally Compaq software support) which my company pays a couple hundred bucks a month for but gives us unlimited support on most every MS product known to man and many other titles too. I honestly donÆt use it as much as I should; the support is very good and the level 2 guys are AWESOME and take ownership of your problems until a resolution is found.

I have NO affiliation with HP at all, just passing along a good resource.


I just this morning noticed that we've been getting a couple (10 a day-ish)
EventID 9667 on our Exchange 2003 SP2.

Failed to create a new named property for database "First Storage GroupMailbox Store (MAILSRV)" because the number of named properties reached the quota limit (8192). User attempting to create the named property: "USERNAME" Named property GUID: 00020386-0000-0000-c000-000000000046 Named property name/id: "X-996k"

now i've found how to rectify this but i'm struggeling to find information on what's actually happening to these emails that the Event Viewer are showing me.
The first occurance of the error was on 1th November so about 10 days.

Does anyone here know if it's just:
*Not putting the property names in the table and still delivering the email (no users have complained of missing emails so far, all my test emails have been working just fine)
*Deleting the email not sending any non-delivery reports
*Deleting the email with non-delivery report sent.

I just can not find any info on this, any help would be nice.

As I said before, it's a question of what's happening to the emails, not how to fix the problem (which I already know and will sort at next maintenance window)

Much appreciated

Every machine that has Office 2003 loaded, Outllok started giving this error
message when it performed a send and receive...
"Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server' reported error (0x8004010F) : 'The
operation failed. An object could not be found."
Then the sycn folder in Outlook shows this:
16:35:02 Microsoft Exchange offline address book
16:35:02 0X8004010F

I have gotten about 120 of these messages today. This started this morning
and I have no idea how to fix it. I have gone to Microsoft's website and
tried to look for white papers, but I cannot find something relevant or
something that can fix this.
Is this a problem on my Exchange server? I am running Exchange 2003
Standard. I am guessing that it HAS to be at server level since all the
machines that have Outlook 2003 are receiving the same message. (all the
Outlook XP machines are fine)
Please if you can help me contact me. Thank you!


I recently removed the ADC and FRS from our Exchange 2003 server to totally take out the Exch 5.5 from our Org.  Now I'm getting the 9551 errors on my Exchange 2003 server.  I read some MS articles on how to remove or ignore zombie accounts.  Has anyone done it using the MS way or if there's a better way, please let me know.  Thanks.

Event Type: Warning
Source: MSExchangeISPublic
Event Category: General
Event ID: 9551
Description: An error occurred while upgrading the ACL on folder PublicFolderName located on database First Storage GroupPublic Folder Store(ExchangeServerName). The Information Store was unable to convert the security for /O=OrganizationName/OU=ou=AdminGroup/CN=Recipients/CN=Alias into a Windows 2000 Security Identifier. It is possible that this is caused by latency in the Active Directory Service, if it does, wait until the user record is replicated to the Active Directory and try to access the folder (it will be upgraded in place). If the specified object does not get replicated to the Active Directory, use the Microsoft Exchange System Manager or the Exchange Client to update the ACL on the folder manually. The access rights in the ACE for this DN were 0x41b.
This event may be caused by the Information Store's inability to match an ACL entry with an Active Directory object. For example, this may occur when a zombie user exists in the ACL of the public folder. When the Information Store tries to resolve the zombie user in the Active Directory, it fails, and this creates a performance slowdown during the resolution attempt.




I have an Exchange 2010 installation behind a gateway appliance, which successfully scans inbound and outbound internet mail.

I now want this appliance to scan internal mail as well.

I wrote a transport agent that detects submission of unscanned mail, and re-routes this mail to a smarthost (my smtp server on the appliance). It only does this for recipients that belong to the organization. I used a custom RoutingAgent, and a Send Connector which points to the appliance.

This works, in that:
1. The appliance continues to scan mail coming from the Internet, and mail going out to the internet.
2. Mail between internal users is now sent, re-routed by my transport agent to the appliance, scanned, and returned to the organization, and received by the intended recipient.

However, if the sender belongs to distribution group 'Test Dist List', and if recipient has an InboxRule like so:
   After the message arrives and...
   the message was received from 'Test Dist List'
   Do the following...
   move the message to folder 'cc'
   And stop processing more rules on this message

Then, the recipient continues to receive mail OK from members of 'Test Dist List' but the message is never moved to folder 'cc'.

I have pipeline tracing on, but haven't been able to learn anything useful from this (yet). It doesn't trace InboxRules of course, just TransportRules.

I tried examining Delivery Reports, but I only get "Can't track this message because off an error. Please contact your helpdesk for assistance."

Note: I tried adding an external address to 'Test Dist List'. Mail sent from this address then worked as expected (including the InboxRule)!

So, I'm guessing the Exchange client applying the InboxRule is confused because it somehow detects the mail as both external and internal.

How do I find out what is causing Outlook or OWA to fail to apply the Inbox Rule correctly, for "externally scanned internal mail"?

(I'd appreciate answers with either a test-based approach or diagnostic-logs approach.)

(Edited: Changed the subject from 'How to return internal mail to organization from smarthost' to 'How to analyze InboxRule problem scanning internal mail by smarthost')

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