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Remove sender tag / On behalf of.

Good evening all,

I'm currently having an issue with some of my users sending mail from
a distribution list. I gave them the right "Send As" however exchange
smtp seems to add a field "Sender" in the internet header of the

Sadly, this field is interpreted by some mail client (i.e : Hotmail,
Entourage...) as a "On behalf of" which is correct, but I don't want
that my user has is email revealed instead of the distribution list.

So, is there a way to remove this field to be added by the smtp
service of Exchange 2003 ?



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Good evening all,

I'm currently having an issue with some of my users sending mail from
a distribution list. I gave them the right "Send As" however exchange
smtp seems to add a field "Sender" in the internet header of the

Sadly, this field is interpreted by some mail client (i.e : Hotmail,
Entourage...) as a "On behalf of" which is correct, but I don't want
that my user has is email revealed instead of the distribution list.

So, is there a way to remove this field to be added by the smtp
service of Exchange 2003 ?



I'm using Outlook 2007 & Windows XP.

I use virtual emails for my clients & when sending emails, if I use the
"From Field" in a new message, the recipient will show my email "was sent on
behalf of" my virtual e-mail.

(example...; on behalf of;

How do I remove the "Sent on behalf of" so only my virtual email is shown?

Thanks in advance.

MS Windows Vista Home Premium,  SP2.

MS Outlook 2007.


Recently had cause to start to use another email account for a new group I am liaising with, and which I want to send and recv via my normal PC outlook.

The mail works fine sending and recieving, however one aspect I didnt want is that recipients of the new group see my originating persoanl email address in their mails because in the header there is the text which reads.....

Self [Email removed for privacy] on behalf of Me [Email removed for privacy]


So I am sending and recieving to the new group of people all matters pertaining to the group from my Hotmail account, but they can all see my other personal and unrelated email address, which I definately do not want.

I am told this probably isn't a Sky thing, but an Outlook thing.  Can anyone tell me if it can be removed by unchecking a tick box in settings, or something fairly simple like that ?


Thanks for any pointers.



I have a vendor that notifies me of updates via email. In order to get the
email, I added the vendor's domain to my safe senders list. Recently, the
vendor's email has been sent by another mailer "on behalf of". These messages now are being sent to my junk e-mail
folder. How can I set Outlook to once again tag these messages as safe? I
cannot use the always accept email from on-behalf-of sender option because
the senders name is a generated name with lots of characters and so changes
every message. I could add the on-behalf-of sender's domain to safe senders
but then all messages from that sender would be safe, even ones that I may
get from them that I don't want.

We have a custom email archiving application that uses the Outlook API to access the journal mailbox and pull the email object data for our archive database (sender, recipient, subject, date, etc...).  After Exchange was upgraded from 2003 to 2007 all of our sender addresses are now listed as "Microsoft Exchange" on behalf of the actual sender.  We search our archives by sender and with all of them now listed as "Microsoft Exchange" it is basically useless.
Any help will be appreciated,

We'd like to remove the "On Behalf Of" when sending to a list in Outlook
2003. How do I change the format of an email messages?

I have a forwarding system set up with my domain using various webmail
accounts. However, when sending emails via either Googlemail or,
instead of just my domain-name address appearing at the top of the message,
'on behalf of or' appears. Does anyone know
a way to remove this? Not the end of the world, but I would like to keep
these addresses private and just give out my domain-name addresses.

Many thanks.

Sarah M

I'm using Outlook 2003 with two "normal" email accounts, one IMAP and
one POP3, and some "outbound" fictitious POP3 accounts which are only
used to send mail from different addresses.

All sent mail must be found in the Sent folder of the IMAP account,
except for mail sent from the "normal" POP3 account which must be in the
Sent folder of that same account.
Unfortunately, by default Outlook puts all sent mail in the Sent folder
of the POP3 account.

The only way I found to work around this is to deactivate the option to
keep a copy of all sent mail, and then manually create a rule which
moves all sent mail to my desired IMAP folder, *except* for mail sent
from the POP3 account, which is moved in the proper Sent folder by a
second rule.

This has its disadvantages, but it works. One annoyance, though, is that
when I print any sent mails the From header appears like "John Smith
[] on behalf of John Smith", instead of the usual "John
Smith []".

How can I remove the "on behalf of" part?
Or, even better, is there a different way to work around the sent mail




How can I set up a rule to handle mail conditional on both the sender of
e-mail and the person (if he or she is a different person) on whose behalf
the e-mail was sent?

I ask this question because I use rules on incoming e-mail to sort messages
into one folder with e-mail from senders in my outlook address book and
another folder with unknown senders - usually mostly spam as you can imagine.

I have noticed that it doesn't work quite right when e-mail is sent by one
person "on behalf of" another. (e.g. mail from

I have MS outlook 2002, and different email accounts (pop and imap).

When I setup for an IMAP account, I have to fill in a username and mail
Specially when I send a message from address@mydomain any other mail (with
another "from" address) will show the "sender on behalf of
address@mydomain message.

How can I prevent Outlook to add this text?

The reasen is tha I use a lot of addresses@mydomain.
E.g. a ebay account will have ebay@mydomain. When I get a message from ebay
and reply to it, the message will have the header/from "ebay@mydomain on
behalf of addresses@mydomain" where it should only show the ebay@mydomain

Thanks in advance,


Messages I receive from some lists say it is "From: list name on behalf of
name of Sender"

It used to say: "From: name of sender which I prefer. How do I get that
back? Why do some say it this way and some say it the other (on behalf of)


Hi everyone,
I have just upgraded from exchange from 2000 to 2003. I found that now
email delegates sent will show "on behalf of" in the sender field. Could
anyone please tell me how to hide it? I just want to show the mailbox user
name but not the delegates.
Thank you very much

Hi can anyone tell me how to remove the delgates name when sending a mail on
behalf of a generic email account ? . I would really appreciate the advise as
having the delegates name displayed causes conflict in the work place

Original Title: On Behalf Of in the headers....with Outlook 2010 - How do i remove

I have 5 emails account in Outlook 2010, and I'm receiving answer to my email and it says or show On Behalf Of in the headers.... How do i remove that, I search for hours on the internet and i cant find any answers to this...

Hi can anyone tell me how to remove the delgates name when sending a mail on
behalf of a generic email account ? . I would really appreciate the advise as
having the delegates name displayed causes conflict in the work place

We recently moved to 2003 exchange and now when a user sends as another
user the email says " this was sent on behalf of" We found that it does
not happen if you are a member of the domain admins group. Why did
this change with the move to 2003 and how do we do it so it 100% looks
like the original sender.

A user sent an email to 6 users, all recipients received it normall. But when
user sees into his sent item and he opened that email, it was showing in from
field like below:-

Sent From User 1 on Behalf of User 2.

both users dont have any delegation authority. User 2 is the actual sender.
User 2 forwarded the mail from user 1. But I dont know why it is appearing as
from user 1.
We are using MS Exchaneg 2003 and outlook 2003 with XP Professional SP2.
I need your advice. Regards,


Firstly let me explain what we have running at our company:

- Exchange 2003 with service pack 2 is running on our windows 2000 server
- Outlook 2000 is used by all our users.

I can send an email on behalf of another user from my mailbox. When someone
recieves this email.... in the from field, the recipent can see that I have
sent the email on joe bloggs behalf....

So for example... if "mark" sends an email on behalf of "david" to "John",
Upon recieving the email, John can see in the from field...."from mark on
behalf of david".. I only want it to say "david" in the from field... any
ideas? All i want to do is get rid of the "xyz on behalf of" in the from

I have setup through active directory the ability to send emails on behalf
of someone else. I have on david's account under Exchange general > Delivery
options > Added "mark" on the "grant this permission to section" Is this the
correct way?

Also note:

- This situation has occured on other groups of people within the company
who use different mailboxes . Therefore I dont think the problem lies with
an individual, within an individual's outlook setting...
- This problem has started happenning since we upgraded to exchange 2003
from 2000
- Is there something i need to do in the registry keys on our email

HELP HELP.!!! look forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi Guys,

Is it possible for an external company to send emails on behalf of another external domain?

Below is more details of my scenario for work...

The company I work for is going to outsource level 1 helpdesk to an external company. This has not taken place yet but will be in a few days time. At the moment, users send support enquiries to which is an email address within the company I work for.

In a few days time, all support enquiries to will be forwarded to the external company that is going to take over level 1 helpdesk. The external company has advised that they will need to reply to some of the emails that they receive. However, if they reply to the emails, the email address and domain of the external company will appear as the sender of the email... they would like to be able to send on behalf of the email address in my company which is so that their email address does not appear when they reply to the email.

I know they can create a new profile and use the email address from my company but the external company would like to be able to use their own profile and be able to send on behalf of the email address.

This is all Exchange 2007 and Outlook 2007 related.

Please advise if this is possible or any other suggestions.



we have a secretary who is managing appointments for the executive.

She has publishing editor permissions to his calendar.

She created alot of appointments in his calendar, turns out her invitations were "on behalf of".

Now she has created an appointment, and cannot send it to the 2 external users, herself, and him also.

Her Outlook instantly gets a new message into the inbox:

unzustellbar (undeliverable)

Fehler bei der Nachrichtenzustellung an folgende Empfänger oder Gruppen:

(1 entry for any of the 4 users)

Sie können keine Nachrichten im Auftrag eines anderen Absenders senden,
sofern Sie keine entsprechende Berechtigung besitzen. Stellen Sie sicher,
dass Sie die Nachricht im Auftrag des richtigen Absenders senden, oder
fordern Sie die entsprechende Berechtigung an. Falls das Problem weiterhin
besteht, wenden Sie sich an den Helpdesk.

(you may not "send on behalf" ...)

i gave her "send on behalf" permissions yesterday.

no change.

i gave her "send as" permissions within active directory 3 hours ago.

no change.

I send an email from her outlook "as him" to myself, no problem.

when she tries to send invitations from OWA, owa displays even before sending:

Sie verfügen nicht über die erforderlichen Berechtigungen für das Senden von Nachrichten aus diesem Postfach.

(you have no permissions to send from this mailbox)

we created a test appointment in his calendar, with myself as guest.

this are mail headers from the invitation:

Received: from gggggggggggggg ([]) by
fffffffffffff ([]) with mapi id 14.01.0355.002;
Tue, 28 Feb 2012 13:29:06 +0100
From: "him"
To: "me"
CC: "her"
Subject: treffen xxx
Thread-Topic: treffen xxx
Thread-Index: Acz2FCJnW/jT3a4CQtG8ggCH98NGpgAAB+vQ
Sender: "her"
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 13:29:05 +0100

seems to work ?

i analysed her sent folder with exfolders:

the invitations "on behalf of" have attribute "PR_SENDER_NAME" : her

the not working invitation has "PR_SENDER_NAME" : him

my q: how to create the invitation properly ?! whats the issue ?!



This problem developed a week ago, here's some background info;

I have a Small Business Server R2 (Standard) server, with windows xp SP2 &
Outlook 2003 on the clients.

Our email is downloaded using the builtin exhange pop3 connector.
When external email is displayed in outlook 2003 (Same in OWA), the original
senders email address is hidden.

The addres is shown as; on behalf of "Senders Name"

Is there anyway to get it to display the senders email addres again?
I have found out that is a mail server with our isp.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


We would like to set up a shared mailbox.
We have a support@ mailbox set up and have created delegate access for several users.
They have added the mailbox to their Outlook profile and can send email. However, we just want the 'From' to say "Support" and not "Andrew on behalf of support".
I have tried granting full mailbox control.
I have also been into the advanced permissions of the Support user in the SBSUsers folder in Active Directory. I granted the users the 'Send As' permission.
Is there anything I missed, or is this simply not possible?

Cannot add user in outlook delegate. I can add the user, then I set the
permission, when I click ok, I get this error; The delegates settings were not
save correctly; Unable to activate send-on behalf-of list; You do not have
sufficient permission to perform this operation
Cannot remove user in outlook delegate also; I get eh same error message.
Please help;


Another problem since upgrading to Exchange Server 2003...

All the people in our Office have thier own mailbox. They also open an additional mailbox called 'Office'. I have assigned full mailbox rights to each user in the office to this shared mailbox. Before the upgrade everything worked fine, but now when a person trys to forward an email that is in to 'Office Inbox' they get the following error message:

"You do not have the permission to send the message on behalf of the specified user."

If they remove the 'FROM' name before sending it works ok, but is there a way round this?

Many thanks,


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