Server security certificate error on Outlook 2007

I get this error everytime I start Outlook 2007.

The server you are connected to is using a security certificate that could not be verified.

A required certificate is not within its validity period when verifying against the current system clock or time stamp in the signed file

Do you want to continue using this server?

The email server I am accessing when I get this error is gmail.  I also access AOL and Hotmail servers without any problems.  I am running a Toshiba Satalite laptop with an AMD Antholon 64 dual core processer with 2gb of ram and Windows 7 32 bit opperating system.  Microsoft Security Assentials offers me my security and I run a cysco lynksys router with the firwall at high security.

Currently I am concerned more about why this security warning is coming up when the information contained in the certificate all appears to be valled.  Windows 7 is up to date as is MSE and Microsoft office.  All those update daily and automaticaly.  The only update I heven't taken is Microsoft Silverlite.  I find it interfears with the spead of my computer when gaming.  I have also checked the time and date for both Windows, and my system bios.  I am at a loss.  Please advise.

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Hi !
We provide exchange hosting service to our clients. Recently we migrated one client to our Exchange Hosted Environment from POP3 services like many of our clients.
Client is using Outlook 2007 and when ever ever the Outlook is started it comes with the certificate error. But the error doesn’t comes in Outlook 2003.
Even we try to use this ULR the same certificate error comes (the same error in Outlook 2007)
However our clients using different domains have no issue irrespective of the Outllok version.
So seems to be something to do with IIS ? We are not sure. Microsoft support is also no good!
Please advice.
Many thanks,


Strange certificate error on Outlook 2007 clients since migrating to Exchange 2010. Here's what happens....

Remote client starts, login credentials accepted, sync w/Exchange progresses to about 90%, then a certificate warning message appears.

Investigating the details of the certificate show it the certificate from our web server (hosted elsewhere)named www, not from the exchange server named mail.

The autodiscover process appears to be configured correctly on the Exchange server so I'm confused on the next step to allieviate this apparent cosmetic error.

Any thoughts will be appreciated!



When installing the 32bit version of the Outlook Social Connector on Outlook 2007 (Enterprise), I was given the following message:

"There are no products affected by this package installed on this system"

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



When creating a new Outlook profile, I got this error.

There is a problem with the proxy server's security certificate.
The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of
the target site

Outlook is unable to connect to the proxy server. (Error Code 0)

I searched and found this article:

I could not figure out how to connect to the RPC server or to the secure
We are using a hardware load balancer and OWA URL is pointing to the VIP

Example URL:

Where do you think the problem is, on the OWA (Front-End) or Mailbox server

Any help would be appreciated.


To examine the certificate, follow these steps:

1. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, connect to the RPC server or to the
secure server. For example, type in the
Address bar of the Web browser, and then press ENTER.

Note The server_name placeholder references the RPC server name or the
secure server name.
2. Double-click the padlock icon that is located in the lower-right
corner of the Web browser.
3. Click the Details tab.
4. Note the information in the following fields:
* Valid to
The Valid to field indicates the date until which the
certificate is valid.
* Subject
The data in the Subject field should match the site name.

Hi All,

I got exchange server 2007 with sp1 installed.
Today I installed a verisign certificate in order to get RPC over http to work.

After installing the certificate RPC is working fine and we are happy however.

Internal users instide the domain getting an error message saying that:
"Name on the Security Certificate is Invalid or Does Not Match the Name on the Certificate"

How can I fix the problem so users inside the network will not receive the error message ?

I saw a few posts about setting new dns zone but not sure what to do.


We recently have upgraded to Outlook 2007. After doing so, we have been receiving the error "The name of the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site" when opening Outlook 2007. This doesn't occur on our Outlook 2003 clients. The microsoft article #940726 explains how to fix this problem. After changing the URL's as stated in this article, the security certificate error is gone. Now Outlook 2007 prompts for credentials when logging in as well as the OAB doesn't sync, Out of Office does not work, and the scheduling assistant does not work. All these things worked just fine before changing the URL's, except that the security certificate error was occuring.
We have an Exchange 2003 & 2007 environment with the mailboxes on the Exchange 2007 server. Any ideas???  

This may be a bit long winded so my apologies in advance!
We have a rather sticky problem with certificates on our new Exchange 2007
Client Access server set up. We are currently in the process of trying to
migrate from Ex2K3 to Ex2K7. We've moved a few test clients over to the new
Ex2K7 server and they are all getting certificate errors when Outlook 2007
starts up on domain joined machines (internal clients). The error states that
the site name that Outlook is looking for is different from what is on the
cert. And it is correct. Here is the whole sorry saga of our certificate
We are a school in the UK. We have a publicly registered domain name that
ends with Our internal/private AD domain name is nearly identical to
our public domain name and also ends in (don’t ask, this was before
my time) and looks very much like a public domain name. Because of this, we
were unable to find a single commercial certificate provider that would
include our internal FQDNs to any UCC certificate we wanted. In the end, we
ended up purchasing a Digicert UCC cert that had only our external FQDNs for
the CAS server and autodiscover services. We tried to work around this
problem by enabling both our commercial cert as well as the default MS cert
that ships with Ex2K7 which we added all of our internal FQDNs to. The hope
was that the external clients would be able to use the commercial cert, while
the internal clients would be able to use the default simple cert. This
seemed to work for a brief time, but after a few weeks, Outlook 2K7 on the
internal clients began ignoring the internal certificate and started using
the commercial cert which, of course, didn't have any of the internal
information on it and hence they started getting the certificate error on
startup. After much wrestling with this issue, we made the decision to
register our internal domain name so that we could provide Digicert with a
"whois" for it and they would then be happy to add our internal FQDNs to our
commercial cert and we could decommission the MS default cert. However, I
then spoke to Nominet and was told that we could NOT register our internal
domain name because it has the suffix and since we already have one domain name registered, we can't register another one.
We've been given two options by certificate providers, domain name
registrants and Nominet alike:
1. Rename our external domain name so that it is the same as our internal
domain name
2. Rename our internal domain name to use a suffix like .int or .local
Neither of these options is even slightly appealing to us so we are
desperately trying to find a work-around.
I am now aware that having two active certificates running on the same CAS
server is not supported. Is it possible to have two CAS servers in the same
organisation and to force internal clients to use a specific one for
autodiscover? If so, we could set the two up and just have the Digicert
commercial cert on one for external access and have the MS default cert
enabled on the other for internal access.
Any other thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks,

Hi All,

I got exchange server 2007 with sp1 installed.
Today I installed a verisign certificate in order to get RPC over http to

After installing the certificate RPC is working fine from outside the
network and we are happy however.

Internal users inside the domain getting an error message saying that:
"Name on the Security Certificate is Invalid or Does Not Match the Name on
the Certificate"

How can I fix the problem so users inside the network will not receive the
error message ?

I saw a few posts about setting new dns zone but not sure what to do.


I am having users with my internal network.  My users are getting errors that the certificate from the exchange 2007 server is incorrect when using outlook 2007.

I know that the error is VALID, I just want to turn this pop up message off! I had to set the certificate on the exchange server to match the website which is not the same internally hence the problem.

Could someone please help?


After upgrading to Outlook Connector Pack 14.0.5117.5000 on Outlook 2007, my hotmail accounts on Outlook are unable to connect to the servers.  Server status always indicating Connecting ..  Please kindly advise.

Thanks.  Yangae


I have a customer with 4 PC's running Outlook 2007 Basic OEM.  They all 4 need to get email from one POP3 email account.  I have checked the box to leave a copy on the server on all 4 units as well as delete after 10 days.  It appears that when they shut down Outlook that it removes the checks from both boxes.  I could not find anything on this problem on MS's website.  Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.


Hello, i'm encountering the recurring 0x8004010F error on Outlook 2003 sp3 clients after transitioning from an exchange 2007 installation to a 2010 installation.

I've been following this comprehensive kb article by microsoft, but i'm getting problems applying the command, either with Powershell or EMC.

Here's the output with Powershell:
[PS] C:Program FilesMicrosoftExchange ServerV14scripts>set-publicfolder -identity "NON_IPM_SUBTREESCHEDULE+ FR BUSY" -replicas "Cartelle Pubbliche" Cannot save the object 'NON_IPM_SUBTREESCHEDULE+ FREE BUSY'. Make sure that you specified the correct Identity and at you have the necessary permissions to save it. + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (0:Int32) [Set-PublicFolder], MapiObjectNotFoundException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DC9F89FF,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.MapiTasks.SetPublicFolder

Here's the result via EMC:

Any clue? this is driving me mad! Thank you in advance!

How do I resolve Code 38 certificate errors between Outlook 2007 and Exchange
2003? I have used the same settings and certificate used under XP / Office
Outlook 2003 and saved the certificate to the trusted store, but still get
the Code 38 error when on the Lan.

The certificate worked fine under the previous OS / Application pair but I
can't get it to work under this one.

Please help me save what little hair I have left!!

Hello every on,

This is my problem
windows server 2008 , exchange server 2007
When I set up a certificate on IIS with external address of my exchange( I have no certificate error on OWA but I have certificate error on Outlook 2007 internally(The Outlook internally waiting for a certificate like srv-toto)

When I put back the certificate on IIS with name in Exchange (srv-toto) I have no problem certificate outlook, but I found my error on the OWA

If anyone has an idea how I could do to not have certificate error in OWA and Outlook

help !

I can not open Outlook 2007. I click on Outlook 2007 and nothing happens.

My comapny is doing an upgrade of Office 2007. We are using the previous
Outlook 97 in MS Mail. When we are trying to add MS Mail on Outlook 2007 we
can't configure our internal post office. We tried some outlook tips on the
net but still the same. Is there any configuration we need to do just to use
our MS Mail in the office and work on Outlook 2007?

I hope you can help me. Thanks

I get an error in outlook 2007, its give me ( Restart Microsoft Office
Outlook ), this error comes many times.
How can I solve the error????

In events viewer application:

Source: Microsoft Office 12
Type: error
Event ID: 1000


Faulting application outlook.exe, version 12.0.4518.1014, stamp 4542840f,
faulting module outlook.exe, version 12.0.4518.1014, stamp 4542840f, debug?
0, fault address 0x00a3f8cb.

Please find how to fix the error ASAP, because it is make a problem in our


Talal Ali

Industrail Bank of Kuwait

I am getting the following error in Outlook 2007 when trying to create or
open a calendar event.

"the form require to view this message cannot be displayed, Contact
your administrator"

The common solution from previous versions of clearing the form cache and/or
deleting the cache file does not seem to have any effect. After some
googling, I found a couple other people with my exact version/issue, but no

Anyone have any ideas?

I have a custom control that I use on a custom Outlook form. It is a simple
COM wrapper of the Windows date picker control. On Outlook 2003 and earlier,
it displays in Windows 98/2000 style (e.g. a gray drop down arrow), which is
what you want because it is consistent with all the other controls on the
tab. But on Outlook 2007 Beta 2, it displays in Windows XP style (e.g. a blue
drop down arrow), which just looks wrong.

Does anyone know if this in an Outlook 2007 issue and, if so, will it be