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SSD's in mail server good idea?

I am researching on hard drives and was wondering if SSD's are a good
choice for fast storage? I am read conflicting stories about their
reliability. Some think they wear out quickly with many I/O writes.
Others claim they are more reliable because they have no moving parts.

My thought is that they are reliable enough for a few years but my
main concern is their effectiveness in using them in a mail server.
What about their seek time and speed in a medium traffic server like
10000 messages/day? I plan to use them in a Raid 1 configuration and I
am not sure if there are controllers out there which can be used with


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Hi there,

I have received an email that also cc to my boss and I want to delete before he opens it. Is it possible to delete an email in mail server before the recipient open it in outlook.

Thanks in advanced.

Hi..Wierd Problem! I sent an email to a user, John Do, it comes back System Undeliverable for a Jane Do, who is no longer in the system. This happened for 2 ghost accounts and I already performed a Check Knowledge Consistency and still same problem. We have different users sending these emails from different mail servers and still have System Undeliverables for the 2 ghost accounts that have already been deleted out of Exchange.Also, I check and there are no Rules set to forward emails to that account.Any ideas?

We are running MS Exchange 2003 and a perimeter server(relay server),this serves as a spam filtering(GFI Mail essentials) for our outbound and inbound emails.
Our mother company told us that the spam filtering will be transfer in their servers (just transferred). Were one of the subsidiaries.
So my task is to remove the perimeter server in our domain. The default SMTP Virtual server can only set to a single smart host(set in perimeter server). they give us 3 smart host(IP) for load balancing.

The perimeter server set thru SMTP Connector.i delete the IP of the perimeter server and enter the 3 smart host(IP assign to our mother company),(forward all mail through this connector to the following smart hosts). restart Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine and
Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP).

But test outbound email was failed.Bounced back error:
"You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator.:

Please HELP!!! Any advise would be greatly appreciated!


I have a problem. In my company we have exchange mail server 2000 and its
used for send incompany mails and we have second mail server not exchange
that is used for out company mails. When i configure outlook 2003 to use two
accounts : exchange and second mail server when user want to send mail to
somebody in company he need to choice exchange sever in new message window
but when he want to send mail out company he choice second server. Can i
configure outlook 2003 to think witouoth user? So user send mail from public
folders kontakts to incompany person so outlook 2003 send it by exchande if
user what to send email by second mail server outlook 2003 automatyclly use
second mail server

Any idea???


I have a problem. In my company we have exchange mail server 2000 and its
used for send incompany mails and we have second mail server not exchange
that is used for out company mails. When i configure outlook 2003 to use two
accounts : exchange and second mail server when user want to send mail to
somebody in company he need to choice exchange sever in new message window
but when he want to send mail out company he choice second server. Can i
configure outlook 2003 to think witouoth user? So user send mail from public
folders kontakts to incompany person so outlook 2003 send it by exchande if
user what to send email by second mail server outlook 2003 automatyclly use
second mail server

Any idea???

I was using our company web mail and I am going to use outlook 2003
Unread mail in pop server was delivered successfully, but already read
mail in mail server were not delivered.
I tried searching options but I couldn't find how to do.
Anyone please help me to solve this problem.

Friend is running WinXp home sp2 using outlook express for email and
has just gone from dialup to cable with optus. E-mail now doesn't work
with the 0x8000ccc0e error. I have deleted the email account and
created a new account. Disabled all firewalls and email scanning. These
were win xp firewall and Norton antivirus 2004 with no luck. I can't
even telnet into the mail server port 110, I get a connection failed
with firewalls disabled. I can ping the mailserver and can telnet into
the optus mail server on my computer which is on a different cable
connection. They can log into their web mail account. I have reset the
tcp-ip stack. I can ping the mail server. Any ideas or other places to


Hello after reading MS KB Article 823866

Near the bottom where it talks about using The "Filter recipients who are not in the directory" check box. It says
quote: If this check box is selected, and if the recipient does not appear in the Active Directory directory service, Exchange Server returns the following error message to the sender:
550 5.1.1 User unknown
In this scenario, Exchange Server does not close the connection, and the sender can continue to try to deliver mail to other e-mail addresses.How much does this put us at risk to let spammers get valid e-mail addresses by using like a "dictionary" attack of possible e-mail addresses until they find one?

Is it a good idea to enable this filter?

[ May 14, 2004, 04:53 PM: Message edited by: Scuba Steve ]

I am getting repeatedly prompted for credentials when I log on to the e-mail server in Outlook 2003 with exchange 2003.

any idea why ?

Please help me.


Ok, I'm setting up a new Exchange 2k3 install on a Win2k3 server (server is standard edition). So far so good for the most part. I installed Exchange 2k3 Enterprise. In fact it has allowed me to create five storage groups (including the recovery group) which is only supported in Enterprise.
I was attempting to create additional message stores and couldn't.
After browsing the information store forum I looked at my mail server in ESM and low and behold it claims "standard" vs. enterprise.
What gives?!?
Even if I had mistakenly installed standard, it shouldn't allow me to even create additional storage groups, correct?
Any ideas/fixes?

At worst case can Exchange be "overinstalled" vs. a full nuke?

Thanks all in advance!


My mail server is actually down.

Yesterday electricity went down for about 10 hours, and all my servers just turned off. When i powered them on again all where working good except my mail server.

I have already used ESEUTIL for any errors on the database, but the results are: 0 errors. the mail server is not solving DNS, i cant open the active directory, DHCP is not working and every time i try to start the information storage i get a message saying "Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion", i dont know what could be wrong.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


I have a situation where my exchange server (Running Exchange 2000) is running out of space.
Currently there is only 1 partition in my exchange server, and my mailbox are close to 15GB.

Is it a good idea to move those exchange database to a different server (on the same network & domain) or purchase an additional harddisk and put it in the exchange server?

Any help would be grateful =)
Warm Regards,


I need your help to accomplish this.

We have a corporate email server handles email for 6 countries. So the mail server is not local. I need to create an Intranet website (will be access via real IP of the web server). This intranet website is to host several in house web applications such as meeting room booking , leave application.

Real problem is to send email from intranet web server. As we have very limited access to the corporate exchange server we need some idea where the local server can forward emails to corporate exchange server.

Eg: email generated at local server ( using php mail function) and local server forward the email to corporate exchange server and then it goes to individual users mailbox.

Any ideas will be a great help to me.

     I've discovered that my front end mail server has been sending out SPAM and I'm having a tough time tracking down the culprit.

I'm seeing lines such as this in my front end server log:

2008-3-25 0:0:34 GMT User - MY_SERVER MY_IP 1020 3 0 2122 50 2008-3-21 20:47:21 GMT 0 Version: 6.0.3790.1830 - - -

I can block the IP addresses that they are coming from, however the source addresses keep changing and I'm more concerned as to how this is happening.  I've confirmed that my server isn't running an open relay.  While I haven't completely ruled out a virus on my mail server, I've been running up to date McAfee Enterprise Scan and Group Shield with 0 detections in the past 30 days.

The best idea I have so far is that something has obtained a user's password, possibly malware on a workstation, and is using that to authenticate and send out mail.

If this were the case, is there any way to see whose credentials are being used to send a message?  Is there anything else you can suggest?

We had our SBS 2003 server and Exchange working well before relocating from NE to WA. IP addressing on both NICs (internal LAN and WAN) changed with the move. We can send/receive mail within the LAN but cannot send or receive to the world. DNSREPORT.COM confirms the ISP has configured the domain and MX records but the report fails when it tries to connect to the mail server (timeout). In the properties of the "Default SMTP Virtual Server" the IP Address is set to (All Unassigned) but when I pull down the list it only shows the LAN address. The server is the gateway for our small LAN and we have no problems accessing the web from the clients. We can also remotely connect to the site. The only errors I'm getting in the Application log are a bunch of "Userenv 1030 errors". Does anyone have any ideas what the problem might be and what I should do about it?


One our servers is an Exchange Server 5.5.
One of our users deleted much of his old mails. She wishes to have her old mail again.
We have much files which stores incoming and outgoing mails. One of these files calls KXDCYMPS and contains this:

Received: (qmail 70672 invoked from network); 15 May 2001 10:41:28 -0000
Received: from (HELO (
by with SMTP; 15 May 2001 10:41:28 -0000
Received: from ([]) by (WinRoute Pro 4.1) with SMTP; Tue, 15 May 2001 14:40:22 +0400
From: "Igor Zadneev"
To: "Chartering Dept."
Date: Tue, 15 May 2001 14:41:59 +0400
Organization: Aspol Baltic
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2615.200
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V5.00.2615.200

This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

Could somebody tell me how I can reload these files in Exchange Server 5.5 so users can read their old mails again? What should I exactly do?

Thanks a lot


In our company we are maintaining MS Exchange server for our inter-office communication purpose.We have one mail server and 100 clients.In our current setup mail user can send and receive messges within the office.They can not send and receive the messages outside of the company.

We are planning to go for a Mail solutions Entire organization.

1.How to register the domain name?
2.How to configure the domain name and ip address in my mail server?
3.How send message to outside of the network?
4.How receive the messges from outside of my office?

Anyone ready to give details to me, please repond me by e-mail

System Administrator
Indus Cybertech Pvt. Ltd.


What is the best way to stop relay access from other internet mail servers to our mail servers?

I have removed routing incoming connection and configured SMTP virtual server (block their IP addresses) but still they can connect and relay spam messages?
We are in the process of implementing Trend Micro Scan Mail. But I want to cure this problem using the configuration on the Internet Mail Service/ SMTP virtual server.

Any tips or ideas?

hi all,

I have 2 e-mail server in our network
1. linux + sendmail
2. exchange 2000

They are in different domain
Now, linux and exchange can receive mail from yahoo, hotmail whatever. exchange can receive mail form linux. But linux can't receive mail from exchange.

I added the mx record and A in my internal DNS server, but still fail.

anyone know what is my problem. thxthx

Hey guys, I'm new here but I need a bit of help. We have a strange problem at the place I work at. Our sbs 2003 email server, using a static IP, is not receiving mail properly - it recieves 80% of the mail it should but some clients cant send any in.
Mail is being sent in by thee clients and they dont get any bounce back the mail just goes from their mail server and never hits ours which is quite strange. All our MX records are correct and pointing to our IP, reverse DNS is setup by our ISP so its mapped to our static IP as it should be and the ports are open for exchange/pop3/smtp on the firewall yet still people cant send in mail.
However some people do get bounce backs - I got this from from a fellow tech who kindly emailed me the response he got when emailing me:

Generating server: smoothwall.local
#< #4.0.0 X-Postfix; lost connection with[**IP removed for secruity**] while receiving the initial SMTP greeting> #SMTP#

Any ideas what could be causing this?
Other bounce backs say nothing at all which is weird.

Many thanks in advance - Andy

dear all
my clients use outlook express.and my manager needs 1 copy of all the mails which users receive to reside in the server even after they download their mails into the outlook.
how do i do that please help

I am confuse in exchange server
better said my "old server"
i 've 3 havedisk
the first one "C" only 1G
"D" got 4G "E" got 8G
and the exchange server i 've install in "D"
but now i found that there's out of space
so i replace the "C" with 9G harddisk
how can i move the data of exchange server from "D" to "C"
How ?
1. move with only the data or mail
2. move with the whole exchange server applicationsthanks

I want to set disclaimer on every outgoing mails in our exchange server 2003 server .
how can I do that in exchange server 2003.
Pls. help..


I would like to use Exchange 2000 in a hosting environment where I can have many customers in the 1 machine.

The idea is to have several separate domains eg, in the same Exchange server, but use the same IP address for each domain.

Is it possible to configure each domain's POP and SMTP server to use the same IP address? I know it is no problem if each virtual mail server has a separate public IP.

If there is a document or tutorial that you could point me to, I'd be most grateful.


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