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Programmatically activating drawing functions

Hi All,

I'm trying to perform the equivalent of 'pressing' a drawing button
(line, circle, square, group, ungroup, etc.) in MS Word 2000+ (needs
to work with 2007 as well). I'm having problems figuring out how to
do this - most other functions I was able to simply run a macro or
perform using the appropriate VBA object. With the drawing functions,
I am having problems finding equivalent functionality in VBA or in the
macros - can anyone help?


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We are using a Public Folder to store all our companies external contact
records. We are looking for a way to track the activity for each of the
contacts. I belive that this can be done via the Activities tab, however
when I access it I am told that it must be setup to search a folder. However
when I go to the Contact folder's properties page, the Activities tab does
not allow me to make any configuration chnages. How can I configure a Public
Contact Folder to use the Activities feature/function?


our setup

two datacenters

datacenter 1 information

DC1cas array
dc1cas1 cas and hub
dc1cas2 cas and hub

dcmail1 mailbox server

datacenter 2 information

DC2cas array

dc2cas1 cas and hub
dc2cas2 cas and hub

dcmail2 mailbox server

TMG which point all owa and http active sync to Datacenter 2 cas array. DC2 internet facing cas array

up until ru3 everything was fine but after the update.. tcpip connectivity was fine but anything http or rpc related to the outlook connector to mailboxes on DC1 mailbox was not able to work.. move mailboxes to DC2 and it was just fine. activesync was working in the same scenario.

ok so i found this kb article on fixing owa after ru3 and our scenario

alrighty i did that and connections worked after putting in the reg key and disabling owa on dc1 mailboxes in dc1 could connect via vpn or outside connection with outlook after the fact.. But activesync didn't work. the mailboxes that are in dc1 cannot connect with activesync now. if it is on dc2 that part works just fine.

So I completed removed virtual directory on dc1 cas1 and cas2 thinking ok like owa disable it.. no efffect. when it comes into dc2cas it cannot find the mailbox to verify.

for failover this is not good as i may have a way to get outlook email now but i have to get active sync functioning too.. any ideas?

Does anyone know of an add-on for Outlook that will enable an "Activity
Series" function similar to the one in ACT! I am looking to automate
series of tasks when I start contact with a new customer.

I would like to add the 'Follow Up Flag' column to my Inbox & Sent Items
folders, so I can remind myself to respond to important emails later.

Searching through the menus I have found that 'Follow Up' is greyed out and
unpickable in the 'Actions' pull down. Similarly 'Show Quick Flag column' is
also grey and unpickable when you pick View>Arrange By>Custom...>Other
Settings>Other Options.

Please could you tell me how to activate this function and/or make these
greyed out options pickable?

Many thanks for your assistance,


The tool bar NEW, BACK, FORWARD, STOP, REFRESH and all EDIT functions, TOOL
BAR in the VIEW menu selection, and CUSTOMIZE, OPTIONS, SPEACH in the TOOLS
menu selection are all "grayed out"

How can I activate these functions?

Does anyone know of a method to pull a report from Active Directory on all email addresses and aliases that are in use for an Exchange Organization?
I've tried using the built in Active Directory functionality and can't get what I need.
I'm using Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and Exchange Server 2003.


I have a treo pro i just purchased for my wife i would like to set up to work with our exchange server. My palm pre works flawlessly with it. Her pro won't set up to work almost as if it is not synching correctly. Even using the active sync function. Any ideas why the setting won't transfer over? Trying to figure out if it is device or exchange setting that is the issue?

System Attendant failed to start with errors 1004 and 1005 (0x80040a01). Found an MS article Q312859. Everything was made, Active directory functionality has been checked. No success.
Any ideas colleagues?

     I wrote a following code for create a new user in Active directory and create a mailbox for the new user. but how can I create a calendar folder without sending an email(means after creating a mailbox for user, mailbox will be displayed in exchange system manager after sending an email to the user or after first login, I have to do it programmatically)

ActiveDs.ADSystemInfo Info = new ActiveDs.ADSystemInfo();
           string ipAddress = System.Net.Dns.GetHostEntry(System.Net.Dns.GetHostName()).AddressList[0].ToString();
           string defaultNC = "DC=domain,DC=com";
           string domainName = Info.DomainDNSName;
           string alias = "";
           string fullName = "";
           string homeMDB = "CN=Mailbox Store(" + ipAddress + "),CN=First Storage Group,"
                     + "CN=InformationStore,CN=" + ipAddress + ",CN=Servers,"
                     + "CN=First Administrative Group,CN=Administrative Groups,"
                     + "CN=Your Org,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,"
                     + "CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=com";
           StringBuilder strXML = new StringBuilder();

           DirectoryEntry container, user;
           CDOEXM.IMailboxStore mailbox;

           alias = space.Name;
           fullName = space.Name;

           container = new DirectoryEntry("LDAP://cn=users," + defaultNC);
           user = container.Children.Add("cn=" + fullName, "user");

           user.Properties["userAccountControl"].Value = NORMAL_ACCOUNT | PWD_NOTREQD;//0x200; //ADS_UF_NORMAL_ACCOUNT

           mailbox = (IMailboxStore)user.NativeObject;

Any idea?

I just found out that my exchange server 2007 sp1 is in dire need of more memory. the current usage is at 97%. Would a slow exchange server affect other active directory functions?



I downloaded the office 2007 small business suite and it swears on the web
site, and the online test drive that the BCM module is included. However, I
have a fully activated and functioning trial version, and my screen looks
just like the test drive, WITH THE EXCEPTION that the BCM module doesn't show
up anywhere. How do i download BCM? It is supposed to be included in the
2007 Office Small Business Edition trial download.


Does Outlook 2003 Webmail provide spell check function when sending calendar
meeting request? (currently only checking spelling for email sending).

Is there a way to activate this function? (eg ADM template)?


To make note during the daily work e.g. in meetings people uses often a
copybook or writing book. Some are using notebooks. As we will get ore small
notebooks like the Asus Ee in the future this group will grow fast.
Therefore I propose to add a simple application with the name “Diary” to
The features are as follows
1. Blank paper
2. Different templates e.g. for minutes, phone calls, notes, private notes
3. Actions and appointments can be added to Outlook
4. Entries should be send by mail
5. Entries should be move to an Outlook folder but still remains in the Diary
6. Think about a small drawing function

Ulrich Groeschel

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Ive unchecked "always ask before opening this type of file" when opening word
attachments from Outlook. How do I re-activate this function, please?


Is there any Object Model or API to programmatically avail the functionality
of “scanpst.exe”?

Hello NG,

I can't open attachments sent with the messages in the NG. I can see the
paper clip symbol and when I click on it, the file name is shown as well as
the "save file" option but both grayed out.
How can I activate this function?

Best regards, Uwe

I've just upgraded to Outlook 2007 (I know, silly me!) and it won't open,
save or even recognize Office Saved Search (.oss) files. The Advanced Find
function (which is what uses these files) exists in O-2007 and contains the
Open and Save options in the drop-down menu (so presumably the functionality
is there somewhere?), but they are greyed out so they can't be used. I've
applied the regedit fix described in the Knowledge Base (although that is
only claimed to fix O-2000 and O-2003) but it doesn't make any difference.
(Actually, doesn't work on O-2002 either, but at least after applying the
fix, if you click on a .oss file it opens the search in Outlook OK; but this
doesn't happen with O-2007.) Can't find anything about this problem under
Help or technical support for O-2007 (searches on "advanced find", .oss, or
"saved search" come up with no relevant results). Anyone know how to
activate this functionality?

Hello NG,

I can't open attachments sent with the messages in the NG. I can see the
paper clip symbol and when I click on it, the file name is shown as well as
the "save file" option but both grayed out.
How can I activate this function?

Best regards, Uwe

Hi All,

I created a public calendar in our compagny, and it works very well with outlook 2010. The only problem is that we can't invite users on appointments using OWA. Is there a way to activate this function, or maybe there is a better way to use common calendar?

The system we use is windows server 2008 and exchange 2010 without sp1.

I already read some posts about it, and the only thing I learned is that microsoft plan to remove public folders in futur versions of exchange.

Any help or suggestion will be appreciated,


The following are three important prerequisites when upgrading to Exchange
2007! My question - Are the modifications easy to implement? Or should I
worry about some kind of issues? Does it take a long time?

Please reply back with your comments.

1. Exchange 2007 requires for the exchange 2003 Exchange organization is
set to Native Mode (no pre-Exchange 2000 servers) the current setup in my
corporation is Mixed Mode (can support pre-Exchange 2000 server) - Any known
issue with this modification?

Windows 2003 server standard edition does not have service pack 1 applied -
Any issues?

Active Directory functional level is set to Windows Server 2000 or Windows
Server 2003 - Currently my domain functionality level is set to Windows 2000
mixed - Any issues updating this function?

Please reply back with your comments.

Thank you in advance for your assistance with this matter!

It appears some kind of format or command button has been activated that is inserting paragraph symbols in front of each line, and dots inplace of spaces.

How do I de-activate this function?



I need to programmatically determine the Active or passive node in an
Exchange CCR setup. I know of some ways where you can determine this by
making use of powershell script and cluster.exe utility.

But is there any way this can be achieved using APIs. Is this value stored
in Active directory somewhere that I can use. OR when we run,
C:>cluster.exe group /status, it shows the current active
node as online. Is there any Cluster APIs using which I can fetch this
information programmatically.


Reading about the To-Do Bar function, it says that it is the replacement for
the legacy TaskPad view in Outlook 2003. However, there is some important
functionality missing that was available in the TaskPad: the ability to show
tasks on the selected dates (the "Active Tasks for Selected Days" view).
The tasks show up on the Calendar view at the bottom, but it isn't quite the
same--in particular, there is very limited sorting ability for tasks in this
view, and working with it is different than working with tasks in the
TaskPad view. If the "Active Tasks for Selected Days" view was available
from the To-Do Bar, our heavy tasks users would be very happy.

My hope is that this issue will be resolved in SP1 for Office 2007 (this
wouldn't be without precedent--the ability to "programmatically return the
currently selected date" was added to the Outlook View Control ActiveX
control in Office XP SP3). However, I'm wondering if the ability to create
the appropriate filter already exists in Outlook. I haven't found a good
resource that lists the full syntax that can be used in the filter criteria,
but I would imagine it would go something like this:

Due Date

on or before


Value is a write-in field, and appears that it may allow variables. If not,
perhaps it's possible to enter the criteria manually on the SQL tab.
"SelectedDate" isn't the answer, and I've been unable so far to find a
resource that lists what can be used in that field. Does anyone know if the
SelectedDate property for the To-Do Bar calendar can be used in a filter?

Any advice is appreciated! Thanks!


I am new to Exchange, prevously running Server 2000 with MDaemon.

I have installed Small Business Server complete with Exchange and its seems to be OK after the SP1 updates. But I have certain issues which I suspect is more to do with my understanding than to do with any fault.  When I go live with this server, I cannot afford an email problem. I would be grateful if anyone can throw any light on any of the issue(s).

1) I can set up a user account in "Standard Management" under "users" and this appears to give me all the functionality of Exchange, but no account appears in the Exchange Active Directory. Why is this? Can a person have an Exchange account for email only? If they have an user account in the Standard Management, do they automatically get a Exchange Mailbox?

2) At the moment our emails come via a POP box, this is a catchall account. If I use a POP connector will exchange be able to sort the email to the right recipients?
Also if I change the MX records and point all my domains email to my server, again can Exchange sort out the mail to the correct reciepients? 

3) I assume I can create as many mailboxes for my domain as required as long as they are no duplications. 

Thanks in advance to anyone who can enlighten me


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